Authorities Are Concerned As More Teenagers Are Vaping Cannabis


While the rise of cannabis may seem unproblematic to its advocates, it is a cause of concern for federal officials. Authorities are stressing that there are still risks of cannabis use that science has not caught. Plus, scientists already know that some groups of people are better off avoiding the herb.

These include people hoping to get pregnant, expecting or nursing mothers, and teenagers. Unfortunately, the number of teens vaping cannabis is increasing. The rate of seniors in high school who vape the drug has increased twofold in the last two years.

Number Of Teens Who Vape Cannabis Is Rising

It’s no secret that kids in high school vape and use different drugs including cannabis. As per a new report that the National Institute on Drug Abuse has released this week, the number of teenagers who vape marijuana has upped. In brief, here’s a look at what the survey found:

  • The number of seniors who have vaped cannabis at least once in the last year has increased by more than twofold in the duration of the last year
  • 21 percent of 12 graders have vaped once in the past year
  • 19 percent of 10 graders have vaped once
  • 7 percent of eighth graders have vaped once

Other than this, the paper also reported that:

  • 5 percent of seniors vaped cannabis daily
  • Whereas 3 percent of sophomores vaped every day
  • Number of high school seniors addicted to vaping has doubled to go over 8 percent
  • 12 percent of teens reported vaping nicotine daily

One good thing that this research found was that now teens are not making use of nonprescription opioids as much. Keeping in view the risks associated with those, this is a move toward progress.

Why This Is A Cause Of Concern

Now that the numbers are aside, it is important to understand why its worrisome that kids are vaping cannabis more now than before. First of all, vaping in itself has dangerous effects. So much so that a whole lot of people have been admitted to the hospital because of vaping.

Other than this, cannabis itself is not safe for teenagers. Since the brain of adolescents is still developing, the drug can have negative effects. For one, studies show that the risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidality is higher among people who used cannabis in their teen years. In fact, one research showed that marijuana is worse for teens than even alcohol.

Using cannabis during teenage years can cause problems with cognitive and executive functioning of the brain. Furthermore, the problem is also with weed these days. It is now more potent, as in it contains higher amounts of THC than it did before. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive and psychotropic compound in cannabis that can intoxicate and make you high.

Sum Up

Cannabis use is increasing among teens, but it has many damaging effects in the long run. Clearly more awareness is needed to keep young adults away from drugs.


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