Cannabis For Back Pain – Can It Help?


Statistics say that 50 to 80 percent people experience back pain at some point in their lives. There can be several causes behind back pain. Some struggle with it regularly because of bad posture and desk jobs. Others have it due to an underlying ailment such as a blood clot or kidney problems. Different people use different ways to get rid of this debilitating ache.

Some resort to taking drugs, for others exercise is their medicine. For yet others, a good hot bath or oil massage do. Then there are those who rely on home remedies and herbs for alleviating back pain. One plant that has gained recognition as a powerful agent for pain relief is cannabis. This herb contains cannabinoids that work toward the end of eliminating chronic pain and inflammation.

A Journal of Psychoactive Drugs report published in July this year concluded that cannabis could replace pain relieving medications. In fact, a Health Affairs paper discussed that 64% of marijuana users employ the plant for chronic pain. In other words, dealing with chronic pain is the top reason people use the plant.

How Can Cannabis Relieve Pain?

The cannabinoids found in cannabis can interact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. They can work with CB1 receptors to impact pain. Moreover, CBD, one of the more popular cannabinoids, can spread anandamide throughout the bloodstream to reduce pain. Cannabidiol can also influence TPRV1 receptors that control the feeling of pain and inflammation.

According to Americans for Safe Access, cannabis can manage chronic pain in two ways. It can reduce chronic pain when taken on its own or with a combination of other pain-relieving drugs. It can also reduce the nausea that sufferers of chronic pain experience. Note that CBD can interact with some OTC drugs which is why you mustn’t use it with them without professional guidance.

Some experts say that CBD interacts with the receptors found in the brain and immune system for pain management. Moreover, it is important to note that cannabidiol can also be a suitable solution for sleep disturbances that come with chronic pain. About 20% of Americans have chronic pain. Of these, 1 in 3 are unable to sleep because of it. CBD can be helpful here as it regulates sleep as well.

One Neurotoxicology study found that cannabidiol can hinder glutamate in the spinal cord and brain. This compound is linked to raised sensation and transmission of pain. CBD can help with a number of pains from nerve pain to joint pain. It has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Therefore, cannabis, CBD in particular, can help get rid of chronic back pain.

How To Choose Your Cannabis Product For Back Pain?

Picking the right CBD or cannabis product for back pain is not easy. You must, however, always go for trusted products that have been tested by third parties. Be careful about dosage and always start small and then gradually increase. The quantity that will be optimal for you depends on a number of factors ranging from the metabolism of the person to the quality of cannabis used.


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