How Does Smoking Cannabis Affect The Symptoms Of The Common Cold?


Cannabis is lauded for numerous health benefits. What you can expect from its use in terms of health advantages, however, depends majorly on the strain you use. Generally, hemp is safer compared to marijuana.

Strains that have higher THC are not as health-profiting as those that have more CBD content. Tetrahydrocannabinol has mood-altering effects whereas cannabidiol takes the bigger share when it comes to positive health impacts.

CBD can improve many health conditions owing to its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Can it help with the common cold? Some say yes while others don’t think so.

Can Weed Alleviate Cold?

Supporters of cannabis say that it can help reduce symptoms associated to the common cold. This does make some sense as CBD reduces inflammation. Other active cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis can also benefit in the same way.

This quality of weed may help it reduce inflammation in the sinuses as well as migraines. After all, cannabis is known for relieving pain. In these ways, cannabis smoking may be helpful in reducing cold symptoms.

Or Does It Aggravate Cold?

Folks who are against cannabis argue that smoking it when you have a cold can worsen your symptoms. It may increase the severity and duration of the condition. This is because cannabis can irritate the lungs. Smoking pot comes with side effects such as wheezing, coughing, and excess mucous production as it is.

Since these side effects accompany already, smoking weed when you have a cold can worsen symptoms. It can increase cough and may cause excess phlegm because of irritation to the throat. Smoke and heat are both irritants.

Furthermore, smoking pot along with taking OTC medications for the cold can be problematic. This is because weed may interfere with the working. You see, most OTC drugs for treating cold come with side effects similar to those that come with using cannabis.

These include dizziness, dry mouth, a feeling of cold, impaired cognition, and grogginess. It is possible that taking both together may cause stronger side effects. To avoid the irritation caused by smoking weed, you may be able to benefit better from CBD’s sublingual use or by taking it as CBD capsules.

What Does Research Say?

Overall, researchers have conducted limited studies on cannabis. We do not know too much about its negative side effects. As for its effects particularly on the common cold, there are no studies covering this area as of now.

However, some conclusions can be made by looking at other effects of cannabis based on previous studies. While some find it helpful when taken as a remedy for cold, others don’t. Some simply think that smoking weed has no effect on the common cold.


Smoking cannabis when you have the common cold may or may not work for you. It can reduce inflammatory symptoms, but the heat and smoke can worsen cough and mucous production as well. Scientists need to conduct more researches in this area so that we have a solid answer.


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