New Study – Weed Use During Pregnancy Can Cause Growth Issues In Fetus


Weed is used for both medical and recreational purposes. Some people swear by it when it comes to the effects it has in reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Others depend on it for it is a chronic pain-relieving agent. But just because cannabis is considered therapeutic in ways, doesn’t mean it is suitable for all groups of people.

There are some people who should not use the herb because of the detrimental effects it has on health. For instance, teens better keep their distance because they are still growing. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that while CBD is good for most, it is not beneficial for all. Because of lack of awareness, many women use the drug when pregnant.

Time and again researches have shown that pot use when expecting can have negative impacts on the growth of the baby. It can lead to a low birth weight, premature birth, miscarriage, and even stillbirth among other problems. A new study adds further evidence to this. Researchers from the UNC School of Medicine have found that using cannabinoids early in the pregnancy can cause issues in fetal development.

What Did The Study Find?

Published earlier this week, the research work showed that the use of both CBD and THC is harmful during pregnancy. The cannabinoids travel to the fetus through the mother’s placenta where they can cause growth problems. Interestingly, even just one-time exposure of the cannabinoids to the developing embryo can be damaging.

The study was conducted on rats which were given both natural and synthetic cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Researchers noted the cannabinoids’ effects on the fetus were similar to those of fetal alcohol syndrome. The amount of CBD scientists administered to the mammals was equal to the range considered therapeutic for humans. Furthermore, the THC they gave was also akin to the levels that humans intake during smoking pot.

One of the members of the study noted, “In this study we also test a synthetic cannabinoid in zebrafish that yielded similar growth deformations as the natural CBs. Having the same results across animal models reinforces our findings.” This research work shows that just like alcohol cannabis use during pregnancy should also be restricted.

The Effects Of Cannabis On The Baby After Birth

Some studies show that the THC in cannabis can negatively impact the development of the baby’s brain. Yet, several women resort to cannabis use during pregnancy for relief from morning sickness. Weed use can have other effects as well such as trouble with memory, and impulsive behavior in the child. Poor academic performance is another concern that may arise.

Scientific research on this topic is limited. Researchers need to dive deeper. However, from what little evidence is available, it is best to not use weed at all when expecting. Some research work says that it is best to stop weed use when even planning a baby. Doctors recommend this for both the mother and the father.


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