Why Does CBD Cause Diarrhea?


Cannabidiol has various medicinal properties as the past few years have made obvious. From chronic pain to neurological ailments, the substance can help with a myriad of ailments. It doesn’t only help with small concerns, but big ones as well.

However, this doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t have any negative side effects. One 2017 study found some common side effects accompanied the use of this herbal component. Among other commonly reported adverse impacts was diarrhea. But how and why does CBD cause diarrhea when it basically curbs inflammation and may even help with some gastrointestinal conditions?

CBD Causes Temporary Diarrhea

Diarrhea refers to liquid stools. Often people experience acute diarrhea. However, diarrhea that goes on for 2 to 3 weeks and doesn’t respond to common medications is called chronic diarrhea. Such diarrhea shouldn’t be left untreated. It is often due to an underlying medical condition such as Crohn’s disease.

CBD, which comes from cannabis, can induce diarrhea. It produces its positive effects on health by means of engaging with the endocannabinoid system. The way it engages with the ECS is quite different than how THC does the same. Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychotropic component of cannabis, attaches itself to the ECS.

On the other hand, CBD gently interacts with the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. How exactly cannabidiol causes diarrhea is not known. Some experts think that CBD’s link with diarrhea can be explained by how THC causes the munchies. While the psychotropic component of marijuana causes you to eat more, CBD does the opposite.

It causes you to eat less which can actually lead to weight loss. This change in your eating behavior may be the reason that gives rise to diarrhea. It is important to note that CBD causes diarrhea for a temporary time period. Most people experience diarrhea due to CBD for only 2 weeks. This shows that diarrhea is only caused by CBD because the body is learning to adjust to it.

Only initially do you have to struggle with diarrhea after which your body learns to cope with it and hence, you no more have to deal with loose stools. Other experts are of the view that it is not the CBD in CBD oil that causes diarrhea. Maybe any other ingredients are the culprits here. After all, CBD helps stomach-related conditions, doesn’t it?

Tips On Reducing Diarrhea Risk With CBD Oil

You can reduce the risk of diarrhea that comes with CBD oil by following these tips:

  • Try different CBD oils. As in, compare how you body reacts to CBD in different carrier oils.
  • To avoid unfortunate sudden accidents, take your CBD oil on an empty stomach. You can take it with some protein to support quick and smooth absorption.
  • If you experience severe diarrhea with CBD oil, consult your physician.


CBD oil causes diarrhea which can be because it is new to the body or because it has the opposite of the munchies effect that marijuana causes. There is a need for more research to understand exactly why CBD shares a link with diarrhea.


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