A Brief Guide To Taking Cannabidiol Sublingually


Cannabidiol has entered the wellness market with a bang. Though there is relatively little research on the topic, CBD oil has managed to grab a lot of attention. It has several advocates cheering in its favor and pushing it to become legal in all states.

Hemp-derived cannabidiol also has the favor of experts. You can also get your hands on CBD isolate, pure hemp extract sans the addition of any accompanying ingredients such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. There are many forms in which this extract is available. From tincture to edibles and beverages, there are a number of ways to consume the substance.

The benefits derived remain more or less the same. However, different delivery modes are suitable for meeting different purposes. This brings us to the sublingual use of CBD which is possible through the use of CBD oils, tinctures, and strips. Some CBD capsules are also especially designed for using the herbal component sublingually.

How Does Cannabidiol Sublingual Use Work?

Consumption of cannabidiol sublingually refers to placing a few drops of the oil beneath your tongue. You should let the oil drops remain under your tongue for at least 60 seconds to ensure effectiveness. When you consume cannabidiol like this, it immediately enters your body. There it is absorbed into the bloodstream where it interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

The action is fast since the CBD drops don’t have to travel through your digestive system. Their route is more direct. Digestive processing of CBD can also lower its potency as the liver breaks it down. Therefore, the sublingual use of cannabidiol is preferable due to its bioavailability. The effects of sublingual use don’t last as long as other less bioavailable methods though.

Research On Sublingual CBD Intake

Cannabidiol’s sublingual use is a popular and effective way to take it. However, there is not much research on how it is particularly beneficial. There are few studies done in this specific area and of those that are available, the results are mixed.

The Pros Of Sublingual Usage

There are several reasons why using CBD sublingually is a better idea. As discussed above, this method ensures faster relief owing to better absorption rate also known as bioavailability. Sublingual use is also more discreet. You see, typically CBD has an easily recognizable earthy smell.

You can get CBD oil with essential oils or CBD mint strips for masking that smell. Since the oil comes with a dropper, using it is convenient. In fact, it is pretty discreet as well. You don’t have to prepare anything or use any equipment. Dosing oil is also easy which is why sublingual CBD oil use is oft recommended if you want to micro-dose your intake.

The Cons Of Sublingual Use

There are also a few cons of sublingually consuming cannabidiol. First of all, its effects are more immediate and less lasting. This can be combated through microdosing your intake though. Furthermore, you must take care of your bottle. Proper storage is crucial. This is not tough though; just place the dark bottle in a dark and dry place.


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