CBD Microdosing – Should You Take Your CBD This Way?


Cannabidiol comes in various forms from oils and tinctures to edibles and patches. One way that consuming the substance is getting popular nowadays is by means of microdosing it. You may have heard about CBD microdosing before but not be aware of its technicalities. Here’s a brief and quick guide on why microdosing cannabidiol is a good idea.

What Is CBD Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the act of taking a drug in various smaller amounts throughout the day rather than all in one go. It’s like taking six small meals rather than one big lunch for the entire day.

For instance, instead of taking 25 mg of cannabidiol, you consume 5 mg of it five times a day. You take your first dose with breakfast, another with lunch, the third one with tea, the fourth one with dinner and the last one before heading to bed.

Regardless of the method of your preference for consuming CBD, microdosing is possible. However, it is easier to measure doses in case of tinctures and oils.

What Are The Benefits Of Microdosing?

People also microdose marijuana so that THC’s psychotropic properties are not a hindrance in their routine. In case of CBD, this is not the reason since the cannabinoid is not intoxicating. Here are few benefits that microdosing CBD brings:

1 – It is more effective in some cases

Depending on the reason you are taking CBD, microdosing it may be more effective for you. For instance, people who suffer from chronic pain will be able to experience better results by employing the microdosing method.

2 – Results last throughout the day

Why is microdosing more effective then? That’s because results from it are consistent. The active life of CBD is minimum 2 hours and maximum 4 hours. This means taking it in one go may make your concern arise again later in the day. Microdosing means you drive benefits the entire day.

3 – It may be more affordable

As you adjust your dose for microdosing a few times in a day, you may notice you need fewer doses to get your desired effect. Example, you may find that three 5 mg doses make you feel better which is less than 25 mg at once. Therefore, microdosing can make your product last longer.

4 – It prevents CBD tolerance buildup

When you consume CBD all in one go, you may take more of it than you need. This can eventually build up your tolerance to the substance. When this happens, you need more of it to get the same results. Microdosing prevents the buildup of tolerance.

So, these were the benefits you can get from microdosing the substance. Keep in mind that you should start small and then gradually move your way up when determining the right micro doses for yourself. So far, research has not found any negative effects of this technique. And CBD also doesn’t have any serious adverse side effects itself.


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