Cooking With CBD – What Recipes Can You Try


Cannabidiol can be consumed in many forms. The oil can be taken as a tincture sublingually or in the form of capsules. At the end of the day, it is up to you how you’d like to enjoy CBD. These days, CBD containing foods and drinks are also becoming increasingly popular.

This means several outlets are popping up on the map that have specifically CBD-infused foods and drinks on the menu. This doesn’t mean though, that law is in favor of cannabidiol meals. Though not an issue in the United Kingdom, some parts of the United States haven’t legalized CBD foods and drinks. You can also make your own foods and drinks with cannabidiol as in ingredient.

Since it comes from a plant, the taste of CBD oil can be slightly bitter. This is one reason people prefer to prepare the CBD-infused foods. The second reason is that intake of CBD is discreet this way. Wondering what foods can contain this health-profiting cannabinoid? Let’s take a peek at some CBD recipes:

1 – Smoothies

There are many perks of starting your day with a CBD smoothie. It can have a positive effect on your concentration and memory. You can add cannabidiol oil to your banana smoothie or one that is made of berries.

You can also make almond, cocoa, chia seeds smoothies and add CBD to them. For this purpose, use a water-soluble CBD tonic. Or you can stick to using CBD isolate’s tincture or powder.

2 – Brownies

Adding cannabidiol to your brownies will make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of the herbal component minus the bitterness. You can add some CBD to your chocolate or to the caramel for a sweet take.

Not a fan of brownies? CBD can also become a part of other recipes of desserts. You can make CBD cookies as well as CBD ice cream. Don’t forget to dilute the oil by mixing it in another oil, such as coconut oil, and butter. This will prevent the loss of potency of the substance.

3 – Tea

There are many outlets where you can enjoy a steaming cup of CBD tea. And you can make your own CBD tea at home as well. For this, you can buy a CBD tea bag. When making the tea, start with a low dosage and see how it affects you.

You can also make and get CBD coffee for yourself. Drinking a tea or coffee infused with cannabidiol is sure to destress you.

So, these were some foods and beverages you can try with CBD at home. In the case of savory dishes, it is best to add CBD oil at the end. Adding it in the process, depending on the recipe, will expose it to heat. And when exposed to extreme temperatures, CBD degrades, vaporizes and loses its potency. This reduces its health benefits.

Note that the effects of CBD are slower when your delivery mode are infused foods and beverages. This is because it has to go through the digestive process before being available for use. The good thing here is that the effects last longer.


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