As attorneys fail to reach agreement unlicensed medical marijuana centers can continue operations


As attorneys still have not been able to reach an agreement with the state, earlier on Tuesday, March 9th it was revealed that Dozens of unlicensed medical marijuana provisioning centers can continue to carry out their operations.

As per reports, earlier on Tuesday, March 9th, state regulators and attorneys for the medical marijuana businesses met behind closed doors at the Hall of Justice in Lansing for a couple of hours. However, nothing progressive came out of the meeting as neither one of the sides could reach an agreement for keeping the 50 provisioning centers open.

As per reports, at the start of this month, State regulators had planned to send cease and desist letters to the unlicensed provisioning centers however due to a Court of Claims judge issuing a stay, and that stay still remaining in effect, State regulators could not do so.

Another hearing has been set by the judge has set for Thursday, 18th March.

A week later, the state Medical Marihuana Licensing Board is scheduled to meet wherein it will consider license applications. Although sources close to the matter say that it is not certain as to how many of the provisioning centers facing closure could have their licenses up for review at that April 25th meeting.

And a few days post the April 25th meeting, licensing for both recreational and medical markets would be taken over by a new entity, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

Currently, Recreational marijuana is legalized in Michigan. However, rules for commercial sales of recreational cannabis products are still being decided by the state. And as per reports, Recreational sales are expected to commence by the year 2020.


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