NHS Scotland announces the approval of three new medicines


On Wednesday, 10 April, the BBC published a reported stating that three new drugs have been approved by the NHS for use across Scotland.

As per reports, the use of new medicines for migraines, psoriasis and liver cancer has been approved by NHS Scotland.

According to the BBC report, Certolizumab will be available for psoriasis, Erenumab for chronic migraines, and Lenvatinib will be available for liver cancer.

According to the NHS, when all other three preventative measures fail, that’s when Erenumab will be used.

Lenvatinib will be available for patients having a transplant or undergoing surgery.

Certolizumab would be prescribed to moderate to severe psoriasis patients who have not been able to respond well to mainstream therapies.

The three above mentioned drugs have been licensed by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) for use within the country.

Speaking on the announcement, Dr. Alan MacDonald, SMC chair, said that the committee expects the move to be welcomed by all patients.


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