Benefits Of CBD Spray – Should You Use It Or Not?


Cannabidiol is available in an array of forms – you can get CBD oils, tinctures, patches, creams, edibles and what not. The substance that comes form the cannabis plant has become quite the ‘superhero’ in the wellness industry owing to the many ways it improves your health.

CBD has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Owing to these, it can heal, soothe, and improve your health. A rather uncommon way of using CBD is by means of spraying it on. But is this method effective? Should you even go for it?

What Is A CBD Spray?

A CBD spray contains cannabidiol and may contain additional terpenes and essential oils. Such a way of using cannabidiol is supremely convenient. You can spray on CBD for relief from several conditions. Commonly CBD sprays are used for relief from inflammation and pain.

They are only effective for this purpose, if the oil is not topical but transdermal. This means it shouldn’t just stay on the surface of the skin but cross inside to interact with the cannabinoid receptors. Only when the cannabinoid engages with the ECS does it have an anti-inflammatory effect and hence, relieves pain.

People also use CBD in spray form for beauty reasons. Application of a CBD spray on the face is super easy and works effectively to help your skin. CBD may help with acne along with moisturizing your skin, making it soft and supple. Some research shows it can help with rosacea and eczema as well.

Other than this, there are other CBD uses as well. It can help with anxiety and depression. It may also amp up your cognitive functionality, boost your mood, up energy, and promote better sleep.

Pros Of A CBD Spray

Here are some reasons using a CBD spray is a good idea:

  • First of all, a CBD oil spray is very convenient to use. You can just pump it on your body part where you are experiencing pain or on your facial skin. Or you can simply spray it under your tongue for getting analgesic benefits.
  • Secondly, going for CBD oil spray is also a good option because it doesn’t take time to use. You can efficiently use a spray without having to be extra careful. In the case of CBD oils or tinctures you have to make sure that your hand is steady so that the oil doesn’t drip. Such a problem doesn’t occur with a cannabidiol spray.
  • The spray is highly absorbent which means it shows effects fast.
  • It is also discreet so no one would know there is actually a CBD product at home.

Cons Of A CBD Spray

Following are some of the demerits associated to the use of a CBD spray:

  • While a CBD spray is quick, it is also difficult to use in a way. In the case of a CBD spray you can never be sure if you took the correct dosage.
  • What’s more, since the product is so discreet, children can unknowingly use the spray.


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