CBD Oil For Your Eyelashes – Is It A Good Idea?


CBD Oil is definitely one of the most talked about wellness trends of the past as well as this new year. Cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant, climbed higher in ranks when research after research promised that it can give amazing healthy and beauty results.

With 2018’s Farm Bill, its ranks rose higher as advocates now had the back of the government somewhat. But CBD, which comes from the cannabis plant, didn’t stop there. It is now pursuing the thumbs up of the federal government.

Sure, way more studies are needed for giving it a permanent place on shelves and standards need to be set as well. But this is not stopping people and companies alike from making the most of the most voguish product in the market.

Talking about its place in the beauty department, CBD oil comes with perks for both your skin and your hair. In the case of the latter it is said to encourage growth, nourish the scalp, and fight dryness. This brings us to what CBD oil can do for your eyelashes – since it is so great for the hair on your head, it should work amazingly for your lashes too, no?

Expected Benefits Of CBD Oil For Lashes

From eyelash curlers and mascaras to lash lifting and falsies, all these can damage your eyelashes to different extents. Lash lifting and falsies can leave you with sparse lashes after plucking many out and make you look like a little baby with little to no lashes – not a great sight to behold in the mirror for the sake of a few weeks of amazing, fake lashes.

Even eyelash curlers aren’t the safest. In a bet to improve the volume and length of your lashes, many products are fighting for your attention. We’re talking about natural agents ranging from aloe vera gel to the much-lauded coconut oil. In the midst of these products, now CBD oil stands with several great supposed benefits for your lashes.

They say CBD oil can prevent infections by fighting inflammation as well as nourish your lashes for more growth. One particular CBD oil product for your lashes is a mascara from Milk Makeup which came out in early 2018. The product contains CBD oil in place of beeswax. The vegan oil works to smoothen the application and give a creamy texture to your lashes along with having an “additional conditioning benefit.

Should You Use CBD Oil Lash Products

While reviews of people show that CBD oil works amazingly for your lashes, little long-term promises can be made. Furthermore, there is no research to support the view of CBD’s advocates with regards to CBD products.

However, you can totally try CBD products for your lashes from reliable companies. Make sure you thoroughly reading genuine reviews and the products’ labels. Also check if the product is thirty party tested.


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