Brits Struggling With Work-Life Balance Maintenance Are Resorting To CBD Oil Use


While the term work-life balance has become increasingly common, very few people are actually able to maintain this balance. Because at the end of the day, not everyone is at the liberty to toss aside a job that demands him to work for longer hours than he should be made legally.

What’s more, some high-stress jobs require one to dedicate his time even out of the office. Not to mention, tensions related to work keep clouding the minds of many long after closing hours. More than a fifth of Britons says that they have to work for above 50 hours a week which leads to depression and anxiety.

That said, in the spirit of April’s stress awareness campaigns, Eos Scientific conducted a commissioned national representative study including sample of plus 2000 UK-based adults. The aim of the research was to look at how negative work-life balances are impacting the health of people.

Even though many companies have moved to enabling employees to maintain work-life balance even more so are lagging behind here, leaving employees drained and in turn, leading to mental health concerns. Of the people researched, 21% said that they worked for much longer than 50 hours a week.

The typical work week has few hours than 40 and the law states that employees shouldn’t work for longer than 48 hours in a week. Moreover, the study also revealed that 30% of the brits were of the view that long work weeks had a substantial impact on their physical and mental health.

For millennials this statistic bumps up by about two fifths supporting reports that say that millennials are becoming increasing anxious and depressed. 29% of the people in the study said that this work-life balance is impacting their health adversely and 38% said that they used CBD oil for managing their mental health.

Cannabis oil and other cannabidiol products such as gummies, tinctures, etc. are being increasingly used even though more research needs to be carried out on them. CBD has the ability to improve metal health by interacting with neurotransmitters. It can decrease stress and anxiety along with improving one’s sleep and mood.

The CEO of Eos Scientific, Simon Manthorpe, said, “CBD works by affecting the endocannabinoid system and, while further research is still ongoing into the long-term benefits of using CBD to treat anxiety, initial studies suggest that CBD oil has anti-anxiety, stress-reducing and antidepressant effects.”

He also added that the number of people in the UK who use CBD oil has doubled in the previous year. While medications prescribed by doctors are also available, people want to choose a more natural route that comes with fewer adverse side effects on their health.

In times when job competition and financial stresses are increasing, CBD has proved to be a great remedy for relaxation and relief. CBD is also more easily accessible which is another pro in its favor over prescription medications.


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