Can CBD Oil Help With Alopecia Areata?


Hair loss and baldness can be difficult to deal with. For someone who is gradually experiencing awful hair fall and pattern baldness, stress and a low self-esteem become almost a central part of his life. Mental health suffers, and one may even lose lots of opportunities because of the condition.

There are, unfortunately, no great treatment options for hair fall and other forms of alopecia. There are surgeries, injections, capsules, and ointments that may help. However, effectiveness is often not promised, and the risk of negative side effects is high too.

Can CBD oil emerge as a natural solution that can help? People claim that CBD oil based products have triggered hair growth for them, prevented hair fall, and even reversed baldness. Is there any truth to this?

What Is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition. In it, an overactive immune system attacks hair follicles and keeps them from regrowth. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may or may not go away. People with a mild form of this condition can fully recover within a year. However, episodes of alopecia areata may recur.

In some cases, alopecia areata can develop into alopecia totalis. This development can occur slowly or come on all of a sudden. It can cause a complete loss of hair from the head as well as the body.

Can CBD Oil Help?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD oil is effective in combating alopecia areata. You could do a quick online search and see that several people claim it has helped them regrow their hair. There are also many CBD oil products that are specifically for the condition.

However, research in this area is not only limited but almost nonexistent. So, it can be said that science doesn’t have much insight to give here. However, while CBD may not be helpful in treating other types of alopecia, there is potential in the substance when it comes to alopecia areata.

This is because alopecia areata occurs because of overactive immunity and CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory action and oxidative stress. Other than this, CBD oil can improve mood and help with depression as well which is common for victims of the condition.

CBD Oil for Hair

They do say that CBD can make a great addition to your haircare routine. Here are some benefits that CBD products have for your hair:

  • CBD oil can strengthen hair as it contains all essential amino acids
  • It can fight scalp dryness and protect hair from frizz
  • Cannabidiol products can boost blood circulation in your scalp
  • The fatty acids in CBD oil can promote hair growth
  • It can fight scalp skin conditions such as eczema


CBD oil can be included in your haircare routine due to its vast range of benefits. Some say that it can also help with alopecia areata which is a condition that causes sudden or gradual hair loss. There is no research to back these claims, but anecdotal evidence is strong.


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