Cannabidiol As An Acne Treatment – How Does It Work?


Cannabidiol’s popularity, awareness, and positive resume are only expanding. This sure does seem to be the year of the cannabis component. Google searches for it have gone up and are expected to reach even higher. The many benefits that are being listed down under CBD include its pain relieving, mood improving, and sleep bettering properties.

In fact, research shows that CBD oil can be a treatment for epilepsy, schizophrenia, and even the inhibition of cancer cells. Apart from the health and wellness industries, cannabidiol has also barged into the skincare industry. Several skincare products have CBD infused for it has a powerful anti-inflammatory nature so much so that it can help with eczema as well.

So, can CBD also be useful when it comes to the treatment of acne? Acne occurs when oil and dirt build up in the skin’s pores and encourage bacteria formation. This leads to red pimples and blemishes which can be obstinate in their stay. The skin condition affects 50 million people in the United States on an annual basis.

About 85% of people in the 12 to 24 age bracket experience at least minor acne. There are many treatment plans that can be selected for getting rid of acne, but it can be difficult to find one that works for you in particular. Cannabidiol-based products are also being put on shelves as powerful acne fighters.

CBD For Acne

Cannabidiol has not only anti-inflammatory but also antibacterial properties. These enable it to improve the condition of the skin. How? CBD prevents oil buildup and combats bacteria. A 2014 study showed that CBD is a suitable treatment for acne vulgaris. Basically, CBD affects the body’s sebum creation process. It also prevents the activation of inflammatory cytokines.

This way it works to keep acne in check. Furthermore, CBD also has antifungal qualities in addition to being antibacterial. This feature of the herbal component prevents the formation of infections due to the buildup of dirt and pollutants on the skin. Indirectly, CBD may also reduce acne by controlling stress which can trigger acne.

Other than this, CBD may also be helpful in reducing scarring due to acne. You see, CBD hydrates the skin along with having an anti-inflammatory response. What’s more, it also enables skin to heal. In fact, CBD may also be helpful in treating body acne. This is because the same mechanism that causes facial acne causes body acne too.

CBD Products For Acne

Instead of choosing chemicals or laser procedures, CBD is a better option. It is natural. Hemp derived CBD is legal and as per the WHO cannabidiol is also safe. There are many CBD skincare products available ranging from creams, serums, and moisturizers to bath bombs and body washes. However, since CBD products are not regulated, you have to be careful when picking products.


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