Cannabidiol For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Can It Work?


OCD, short for obsessive compulsive disorder, affects 1 in 40 adults. Several people who do not have a diagnosis for the mental condition may also experience it at some point in their life. Not realizing how serious this condition can be, many of us use the term jokingly.

Just the habit to clean things doesn’t mean that you have obsessive compulsive disorder. You have the anxiety disorder if you find yourself engaging in repetitive behaviors. OCD patients do this to distract their mind from insistent stressful thoughts. Let’s dive into what OCD is, its treatment, and learn if cannabidiol can help.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

OCD is characterized by thoughts that cause anxiety, stress, and hence, repetitive behaviors. A person who has OCD has stressful thoughts or fears. An example is thoughts about germs. Such thought patterns are called obsessions. These obsessions then lead him to compulsive actions done to combat the intrusive thought pattern.

Obsessions can be disturbing such as a forbidden sexual or religious line of thinking. Or they can be illogical such as the idea that not putting things in order will cause bad luck. Compulsions are actions done for getting one’s mind off those obsessions. These include counting to a particular number, cleaning vigorously, etc.

Treatment of OCD

This mental disorder is typically treated through a combination of medication and therapy. The process of treatment is complicated. This is because the cause behind OCD is not clear. Psychotherapy options are helpful. These include cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure and response therapy.

ERP can assist people overcome their source of stress or fear by exposing them to the triggers. Other than therapy, medications are used for treatment too. Antidepressants such as Paxil, and Zoloft may be prescribed.

Can CBD Oil Help in the Treatment of OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a serious condition that can even trigger suicidal thoughts. It is also rather complex to treat. This is why many people resort to adding supplements or alternative therapy to their treatment plan. Cannabidiol has potential as a beneficial agent for lowering stress and anxiety associated to OCD.

CBD can interact with receptors in the body. The body has an endocannabinoid system after all which regulates pain, mood, inflammation, etc. Several research works show that CBD can reduce stress. CBD also has anti-anxiety properties. Studies say that it can help with anxiety related disorders. OCD falls in the category as well.

However, excess CBD can also cause anxiety. Therefore, you must always start taking CBD in small doses. Moreover, you should also be aware that the effect of CBD on anxiety can differ based on your setting. If you take CBD before a presentation, you may find yourself more anxious. However, taking it before bed may calm you down more.

Experimenting is key and can help you find what works for you. There are also several ways to consume cannabidiol. Different people find different forms suitable.


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