6 Benefits of Hemp Seeds You Should Know


Hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts, are mini but mighty. They are the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant and have been categorized as a superfood. Packed with nutrition they have a very positive effect on health. You can add these tiny seeds to your daily meals easily by simply sprinkling some on.

Sure, hemp does come from the same family as marijuana. This deters many people from trying out its seeds. Little do most know that hemp seeds contain only 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol which means the risk of side effects accompanying them is minimal to none.

Wondering how hemp seeds can benefit your health? Here are 5 ways it does:

1 – They boost heart health

Loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids hemp seeds can prevent heart-related ailments. They keep arteries open and also lower blood pressure. Moreover, they comprise of arginine which converts into nitric oxide in the body which plays a crucial role in keeping your heart healthy.

2 – They can help you sleep

If you are struggling with catching zzz, you can try consuming some hemp seeds a few hours before jumping into bed. Hemp seeds are high in magnesium which is naturally known for calming the muscles and improving sleep.

3 – They may assist with weight loss

While consuming hemp seeds won’t magically chop off excess pounds, you can replace your regular proteins with those that they contain. Compared to most other proteins, those that hemp seeds contain are less rich and fatty.

4 – They can build muscle mass

Essentially hemp seeds are great sources of proteins. They comprise of amino acids which can help increase lean muscles mass. You can also replace your regular workout beverage with hemp protein powder; it will help lower your appetite too.

5 – They can improve energy markers

Another favorable quality of these seeds is that they can boost your energy. This is because they contain complex carbs which release glucose slowly into your system. This means that you get steady and better energy rather than feeling too energetic one moment and fatigued the next.

5 – They can reduce eczema

As per studies, your immune system depends on the balance of fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. Rich in poly-saturated fatty acids, hemp seeds can maintain their optimal ratio. This way they can reduce eczema by improving blood markers of these fatty acids.

6 – They can aid in digestion

Whole hemp seeds can improve your digestion and enable food to pass through your GI tract easily. They comprise of both soluble and insoluble fiber which can nourish good bacteria in the gut. However, shelled hemp seeds may not provide this benefit due to being low in fiber.

Key takeaway

Hemp seeds are nutritious and not unsafe despite being related to marijuana. They can improve sleep, muscle mass, and digestion. They can also save you from heart disease, support weight loss, and help with eczema. They can boost energy levels as well. Looking at their many benefits, don’t be scared to add them to your diet. They contain very low amounts of THC after all.


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