Cannabis Patches – Benefits And Adverse Side Effects


When it comes to cannabidiol, there are several different delivery modes. Some prefer vaping while others are fans of oils and pills. With the expansion of the hemp market, many unique kinds of CBD products have made their way into the market including bath bombs infused with cannabidiol, teas, edibles, and much more.

Like nicotine and birth control patches, cannabis patches are also available. These transdermal patches are infused with cannabis oils or cannabinoid isolates. The adhesive patches deliver cannabinoids which go through the skin into the bloodstream. However, there is the question of whether cannabinoids can even penetrate through the thick layer of skin that simply?

How Do Cannabis Patches Work?

CBD pain patches penetrate into the skin sometimes through the use of microneedles on the adhesive bandage. The best part is that these patches are rather effective since the cannabis components don’t go to the lungs, stomach or liver which are places where they can get filtered or broken. Therefore, what you get is the full value of the herb.

These patches also stay on your skin for longer, slowly releasing the cannabinoid medication. This also means that you don’t have to keep a strict track of when you have to go for your next serving. For a first timer, this approach can be more convenient.

Benefits Of Cannabis Patches

Cannabis patches are a great option because they do not contain any added chemicals. These patches are typically prepared using the CO2 extraction method which provides the full goodness of the plant. The ratios of cannabinoids delivered are also accurate. Moreover, delivery of the composition is rather quick and effective.

Since the medication doesn’t get delivered via the digestive system, the bloodstream gets the full benefits of the cannabinoid. Normally, a cannabis patch stays on your skin for a period as long as 96 hours. This also allows for gradual absorption.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects Of Cannabis Patches?

With the increasing popularity of cannabis and its products, scientists are also researching what adverse side effects might accompany usage. In this regard, the most common side effect that comes with CBD is a dry mouth.

You may also experience a cottonmouth when you use CBD topically. However, considering the many benefits of cannabis, this is only a minor complication. You can make yourself somewhat comfortable by consuming lots of water. Other than this, cannabis can interfere with your liver’s ability of breaking down pharmaceuticals.

You can avoid this negative effect by simply stopping the use of the OTC drug by replacing it with CBD. After all, cannabidiol can be helpful in many ways. There are also other topical methods for taking in CBD. These include oils and creams, bath bombs, etc.


Cannabis patches are a great option for those who are on the lookout for ways CBD can be topically applied. These patches last longer and slowly deliver cannabinoids to your system.


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