CBD Pillows – A Great New Fad Or Another Fail?


If you search for the wellness trends of 2020, you will notice that both sleep and CBD are high on the list. Interestingly, they are connected as well. Basically, CBD is often used for inducing sleep. Several many Americans use cannabis as well as cannabinoids for improving their sleep routine.

This makes complete sense as like THC, CBD also has therapeutic properties. What these cannabinoids do is that they enter the body and interact with its endocannabinoid system. This enables them to regulate a number of physiological functions like appetite, mood, pain response, and more.

Talking about CBD for sleep, many people take CBD capsules as well as tinctures and oils for the purpose. Tapping into the great potential of this industry further, now a new CBD product is available. We’re talking about CBD pillows.

You have already heard of copper pillowcases as well as silk pillows for better sleep and beauty purposes. While CBD pillows have become popular in a similar way their working is completely different.

What Is The Concept Of CBD Pillows?

CBD pillows employ CBD microencapsulation technology. This means that in the pillows, there are micro capsules comprising of CBD particles. Since CBD is encased in these capsules, it doesn’t evaporate, oxidize or suffer any sort of damage. CBD particles are released from these microcapsules on friction.

In the case of pillows and sleeping, the release takes place when your head collides with the pillow and rubs against it. This happens when you are experiencing restlessness. As friction is produced and CBD particles are let out, they’re absorbed into skin and hair follicles. In this manner, they get a chance to interact with the ECS of the body. Resultantly, CBD kicks into action and enables better sleep.

But Can CBD Even Help With Sleep?

a lot of people, as per studies, use CBD for sleep. Does this mean that CBD actually helps with sleep? Research in this area is very limited as well as confusing. Some studies show that CBD can have sleep inducing effects as well as encourages morning wakefulness. However, other say that the effectiveness of CBD for sleep lasts only in the beginning after which it doesn’t help with sleep.

It would be more right at this point to say that research is very limited in the area of what CBD can actually do for sleep. All we have is anecdotal evidence, with very few clinical trials that actually favor or go against CBD for sleep.

Should You Try CBD Pillows?

There certainly is not any harm in trying CBD pillows for sleep. So far two companies are offering CBD pillows. One is called CBD Pillows while the other is Brookstone. CBD, from the little research that has been done on it, doesn’t show to have many or any major negative side effects of use. If anything, it can surely use its anti-inflammatory abilities to get rid of your headaches and boost your mood by promoting stress relief and relaxation.


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