Does The Smell Of Weed Affect Your House Like Tobacco?


Smoking cigarettes doesn’t only damage your lungs; it also devalues your house. Spending years smoking in a house can cause yellow stains on walls. Moreover, the awful smell of nicotine attaches to everything making the home smell like a huge ashtray. This is due to the unique chemical structure of tobacco which enables it to harm its surroundings like this.

Is weed the same? Do pot smokers need to worry that the smell of cannabis would sit and stay in their house for a long time? No, weed smoking doesn’t stain the walls. The opinion on whether its smell makes a home in your house is mixed. Some say that marijuana smell dissipates sooner is never a problem. Others argue that walls need to be redone and carpets and other fabric furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the smell of pot.

How To Smoke Weed Indoors

You can always take preventative measures to reduce the chances that weed smell would linger in the long term. What steps can you take though? Let’s take a look at these:

  • Smoke dry flowers of marijuana as wet ones leave more smell
  • Smoke in a room at the top floor with the windows open to let the air out
  • Try vaping instead of smoking. Vapors dissipate faster and don’t have that pungent a smell

How To Remove The Smell Of Weed After Smoking

Once you have smoked pot, what can you do to get rid of the smell? To remove the smell of weed you will have to use soap and shampoo on your fabric-based furniture such as mattresses as well as sofas. Focus on keeping your house well-ventilated. When you smoke and even when you are not smoking, open windows to let fresh air in and get the stink escape.

You can freshen up the atmosphere indoors by using air purifiers or essential oils. If you find a need to clean everything, you can use natural cleaning agents such as vinegar and lemon.

How Growing Cannabis Indoors Affects Your Home

While the smoke of pot may or may not stay for long, growing cannabis plants indoors is sure a messy affair. Unless you are an expert at neatly growing your cannabis plants indoors, even having just four plants inside can cause issues of humidity, mold formation and moisture. This may cause damage to your house.

Why It Is Important For Your House To Not Smell Like Weed

Though cannabis’ potential in the medical field is winning it some major points, a lot of people still don’t accept it. The smell of weed emanating from your home can be a problem for your neighbors. Moreover, some people don’t want their home to smell like weed because it can devalue the house or add to costs of renovation. The smell is also an issue for those who have children at home.


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