Can CBD Oil Help With Alcohol Addiction?


The cannabis plant has always been controversial. While it does have some remarkable medicinal properties, it also contains tetrahydrocannabinol. THC, as it is called in short, may have a therapeutic nature but it has psychotropic properties as well. The intoxicant can trigger anxiety and hallucinations along with posing other adverse effects.

Cannabidiol, the second well-studied cannabinoid after THC, is attracting the interest of more and more people. Some even say that CBD oil can help put a full stop in front of cocaine and alcohol addiction. Zooming in on CBD oil’s effect on alcoholism, can it really help? Or is this a false claim?

CBD’s Effect On Alcohol Addiction

To understand cannabidiol’s potential in this area, it is important to get the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. You see, the former refers to abusing the substance so much that it affects one’s lifestyle. On the other hand, alcoholism is a life-threatening disease.

It refers to drinking excessively such that it affects one’s health, but the person still stays in denial. For the treatment of alcohol use disorders, people need support for which there are centers. However, breaking the pattern of alcohol addiction is not easy with various withdrawal symptoms.

Some research shows that CBD oil can help. Not only can it reduce one’s addiction to the habit of binge drinking, it can also protect the brain and the liver from alcohol-induced damage. The neuroprotective properties of CBD oil control the harm alcohol has on the brain.

What’s more, CBD oil may also help with some withdrawal symptoms that come when you try to quit alcohol. Researchers have found that CBD can reduce symptoms of tremors and nausea which come with alcohol withdrawal. So far, scientists have not found any other substance which can help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Should You Use CBD Oil If You Want To Control Your Alcohol Drinking?

Whether or not you should go for CBD oil for getting relief from alcohol use disorder is something that only a professional can tell you. Consult your doctor to know whether using CBD oil would be a good idea for you or not. He will not only recommend you a good product but will also inform you of the dosage.

It is not a good idea to self-medicate because even if research and anecdotal evidence are available, there is a need for more studies in this area. Do not treat yourself without the guidance of a professional because of limited support and how complicated the condition is.


CBD oil, as per researchers, can help in three ways with regards to alcohol addiction:

  • It can one help quit alcohol
  • Can reduce the damage alcohol drinking causes to two crucial organs – your liver and brain
  • Can help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as tremors and nausea


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