Can Cannabis Kill The Coronavirus? What We Know So Far


Cannabis has antibacterial properties and some of its cannabinoids can help with the treatment of multiple ailments. This has earned it the title of the ‘miracle herb.’ From inhibiting certain types of cancers to treating epilepsy, the plant sure has a lot of potential. It may also help with some infections. But does this mean that it can also be a treatment for the novel coronavirus 2019?

What Is The Coronavirus

In the end of last year, a pneumonia type illness spread in Wuhan, China which was later found to be a type of coronavirus. This strain is different than the previous ones and hence, the same treatments don’t apply to it. The viral infection has become a global emergency with symptoms including:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Breathing problems

COVID-2019 has spread to several countries and caused many deaths so far. It has a 2% mortality rate. Countries including South Korea, Japan, Iran, Philippines, and more have been affected. Cases have been diagnosed in Pakistan, USA, and the UK as well.

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Social Media Says Weed Kills The Coronavirus

Earlier this month news spread that smoking pot can ‘kill the coronavirus’ when a picture showing this so-called breaking news went viral. Instagram and Facebook were filled with several pages sharing the same image which used a stock photo of the marijuana bud in the background along with claiming that scientists had made this finding.

But is there any truth to this? No, none actually. With the outbreak of the virus several weird false claims have been made. There was also a claim that cocaine could kill the coronavirus. Again, this was also as false as other claims that ginger could treat the horrific virus.

The CDC has confirmed that so far there is no vaccine for the virus. It will take lots of months for a vaccine to be developed. The most vulnerable to the infection are the sick and the elderly. Home remedies may also not help. The only measures that you can take are preventative ones including:

  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Not touching your mouth and your face
  • Avoiding processed street food
  • Washing your fruits, vegetables, and eggs thoroughly

Regardless of the dire situation, there is no reason to panic. Majority of the cases are mild. There are lots of myths surrounding the coronavirus 2019 so you must always double check whatever you read on the internet. Do not attempt to self-medicate or smoke in order to treat or prevent the infection.

Wrapping Up

With the spread of the coronavirus, several claims are being made over what can and cannot treat it. One rumor that recently spread is that cannabis can treat the coronavirus. There is no scientific backing to this claim. In fact, so far there is no specific treatment for the COVID-2019 available. Smoking pot will not help you so please don’t try this thinking it can kill the virus.


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