7 CBD Carrier Oils That You Should Know About


Carrier oils are extracted from various parts of a plant. Also known as base oils, carrier oils make essential oils and other plant supplements more bioavailable and hence, usable. CBD extract also needs a carrier oil to be effective. More often then not, carrier oils are very mild in terms of flavor and fragrance. Talking about CBD, here are some of the best carrier oils for the compound:

1 – MCT Oil

MCT refers to medium-chain triglycerides. Often MCT is taken from coconut oil. MCT oil is easily digestible and has some beneficial qualities of its own. These include it’s benefits for your skin and cognition and its antibacterial properties.

2 – Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. Since CBD is extracted from the same plant, hemp seed oil makes for a great base for it. Hemp seed oil has a nutty flavor and some great health benefits. For instance, hemp seed oil is good for both your brain and your heart.

3 – Grapeseed Oil

Grapes are known for their antioxidant-rich composition. Grapeseed oil works as a suitable carrier oil for topical CBD oil. It has a high content of vitamin E. It can calm skin irritation, reduce wrinkles as well as can be used for massage.

4 – Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is used as a carrier for CBD as well. This oil is also compatible with CBD as it shares a natural connection with the ECS of the body. Olive oil has a stronger taste and aroma compared to other carrier oils. It is very healthy for cooking as well as for your scalp.

5 – Sunflower Oil

This oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats as well as vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also abundant in antioxidants. If you want to make your own CBD oil, try sunflower oil as its base. Sunflower oil is great for your skin, and hair. It is also good for your digestion and immunity.

6 – Avocado Oil

Next up, there is avocado oil. This oil is not as effective as MCT coconut oil but it sure does have a queue of benefits for your health. It contains lutein, oleic acid, and vitamins A, B, D, and E as well. Avocado oil is good for your bones, heart, eyes, and gums.

7 – Pomegranate Seed Oil

The last oil on this list is pomegranate seed oil. This is an oil with several therapeutic properties. Some of its benefits include protecting against digestive problems, cognitive decline, and even cancer. It also boosts your heart health and immunity.

So, this was a list of some common CBD carrier oils. Of course, the two top ones are MCT coconut oil and hemp seed oil. Since a carrier oil can greatly impact how efficiently CBD can do its job, it is important to make a wise decision in this regard.


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