How Can CBD Help Remote Workers?


Whether you are a freelancer or telecommuter with a stable job, working from home is not easy, contrary to popular belief. You need to make sure that your work-life balance is not disturbed when home and office become the same spot.

While home-based workers have the perk of flexibility, they struggle with downsides like compromised sleep, excess anxiety, and regular backaches. Can CBD help remote workers? It sure can. Here are the top three ways cannabidiol can help ease the challenging routine for you whether you are a home-based employee or a freelancer:

1 – It reduces anxiety

Work can be stress inducing as it is but working from home can be even more so. As your job stress and home problems start seeping into one another’s territories, you may find yourself struggling with both. As a telecommuter, you may worry about not getting along with office-based employees or about excess workload.

If you are a freelancer, there’s the added anxiety chipped in by fluctuating workload. CBD is known for its stress busting and anxiety-reducing properties. You can use CBD oil to calm your work-related stress. Start with small doses because if you take large doses, your body will quickly build up a tolerance for the substance.

2 – It can help with sleep

Another area where telecommuters struggle is sleep. While office can set a routine for you, working from home can constantly disturb your routine. Not only that, excess anxiety may keep you awake at night. Again, CBD can help here.

Our top recommendation for improving your sleep with CBD is trying CBD bath bombs. Try a lavender-infused CBD bath bomb when taking a warm bath at night. A hot bath prior to bedtime can relax your muscles, drop your body’s temperature, and increase melatonin production.

Combined with CBD’s ability of improving sleep and lavender’s feature of calming stress, you get a relaxing bath that can help you experience restful sleep.

3 – It reduces pain

Whether you are an office-worker or a home-based employee, backache is surely an issue that you have to regularly deal with. While you can walk your way to and from your office which can ease muscle ache, when you work from home further hampered mobility causes more muscle strain.

This is where CBD comes into the picture. The most-lauded quality of the substance is that it can help with pain by means of controlling chronic inflammation. It relieves muscle tension and drastically reduces all sorts of pain. In this regard, try a transdermal CBD cream. Apply as directed on the area of pain for quick relief.


CBD can help with pain, sleep, and mood. If you are a remote worker, you should consider adding CBD products to your routine. Since you don’t have to go through any drug tests, you can easily go for a full spectrum formula.


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