How Does Weed Impact Your Workout Sessions?


A recent Frontiers in Public Health journal report revealed that 80% of cannabis users did the drug before and after exercising. The same survey also found that those athletes who made use of weed worked out more than those who didn’t. While cannabis users exercised for 2.5 hours, non-users engaged in less than 2 hours of physical activity. So how does weed exactly affect your exercise? Let’s take a look at the possible benefits:

1 – Pain relief

Athletes commonly use cannabis as a replacement for NSAIDS which are toxic and highly addictive. Muscle soreness is a common complaint among those who exercise which is where cannabis can help. The herb is known for its ability to reduce all sorts of pain whether linked to joints, muscles or whichever part. It can also reduce pain due to injuries.

2 – Muscle spasms treatment

CBD has shown potential in the reduction of muscle spasms as well. Researchers think it can be safely used for the treatment of spasms. For instance, those that accompany diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s. This property of the herb can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory nature. Some studies on rats show that CBD can help with muscle recovery.

3 – Anti-inflammatory effect

During exercise, inflammation is also not uncommon due to tension in connective tissues and tendons. In this regard, cannabis extract or CBD oil can help. You get anti-inflammatory properties sans a psychoactive effect by using cannabidiol. Tincture and topicals are better options than smoking cannabis because the lungs are not damaged in these ways.

4 – Sharpened mental acuity

Cannabis has been linked to memory impairment as well as boosted cognitive functionality. Depending on the strain you go for, you can choose the benefit. Many athletes find that cannabis helps them focus on their training. It can reduce stress and wave away brain fog. This helps exercisers get into the flow of performance.

5 – Muscle relaxation

Muscle soreness doesn’t just come with pain but also muscle fatigue. CBD oil eases inflammation and helps here. It works as a potent muscle relaxant which helps athletes go about their regular lives without the strenuous physical activity weighing them down. So, you can use CBD as an ointment or take it orally.

6 – Sleep aid

Another pro of cannabis use is that it can improve sleep duration and quality. Many athletes have trouble sleeping due to an overactive brain and tired muscles. Weed addresses these issues and also enables you to sleep better. However, you are better off using THC-powered strains for sleep rather than CBD.

Drawbacks Of Using Cannabis For Exercise  

Experts say that you shouldn’t use THC before a strenuous session of training or sport because it impairs motor skills. As it reduces stability, it’s not a good idea to lift heavy objects after consuming weed. Marijuana also has psychoactive properties. This is another con that you need to be aware of. Therefore, weed is not always recommended for improving physical activity performance.


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