Smells Like Pot? 6 Ways You Can Reduce The Smell Of Weed In Your Surroundings


Cannabis has a distinct, sharp smell that can easily make a home in your belongings. It doesn’t smell bad, but it can be unpleasant to some. And honestly, no one enjoys the smell of a herb contaminating his surroundings.

Even though some close friends might have become accustomed to it, weed’s smell looming around you can land in you in trouble with others. Some people also want to mask the smell because they’re not comfortable with others knowing of their cannabis shenanigans.

So, what is it that you can do to ensure that you don’t give away your love for cannabis? Here are some tips to help you out with just that:

1 – Use the right strain of cannabis

When purchasing your stash of marijuana, make sure that you go for dry flowers. Moist ones have a stronger smell. Dry weed also tastes better and is safer. You see one sign your weed has gone bad is that it has become wet.

2 – Try other methods of delivery

While smoking weed is going to puff out smell, consuming weed tinctures or edibles doesn’t. Cannabis gummies won’t smell as they come pre-prepared. However, if you are preparing edibles at home, then the making process may give out some smell. Once the edible is ready, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the smell.

3 – Use a sploof of vaporizer

Sploof is a device for cannabis use that neutralizes the smoke. You can even make your own sploof at home. Moreover, you can also make use of a vaporizer. These come with different flavors and scents which can hide the smell of your weed. Using a vaporizer for smoking weed is also safer and preservers all the components of the plant.

4 – Be smart about weed storage

If you are a weed user, you should make yourself aware of the best practices for storing weed. When stored in airtight containers, your weed doesn’t spread its smell. You can use mason jars for this purpose. Cannabis that is improperly stored can also get spoiled as moisture enters in.

5 – Don’t smoke in closed areas

It’s obvious that smoking in areas that have less ventilation would trap the smoke and the smell. If you are in a car, don’t forget to roll the windows down when doing weed. Cannabis scents often find their way and sit in towels, pillows, comforters, and clothing of all types. Therefore, make sure no fabrics are around when you smoke. You can smoke outdoors or in the balcony too.

6 – Clean up well

The smell of weed is likely to get stuck in your hair and clothes. And, of course, your mouth. So, make sure you shower and shampoo well. As for your house, scrub the carpets because that’s another fabric. Same goes for beds and sofas. You can use air purifiers and scented candles for improving the smell in your house too.


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