Researchers Say Couples Struggling To Conceive Shouldn’t Use Cannabis


Researchers from Ontario, Canada think that cannabis has been legalized without studying its full effects in prior. As per these doctors, who have presented their views based on previous studies in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, hemp shouldn’t be used by couples who are struggling to conceive as it is.

The explanation for this is pretty simple – tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which can be found in the cannabis plant interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body which also includes the reproductive system. The way it interacts with the ECS cannot be believed to give positive results.

While more research is needed and being demanded by these researchers, they have shown previous evidence which states that marijuana can reduce sperm count in men, and delay ovulation in women. It is important to note here that cannabis also has other negative impacts on health ranging from some of its side effects on cognition to it making patients need more sedation.

Researchers involved in this study put forward an older study which showed that of 1,215 men, the 130 who smoked marijuana had a slashed down sperm count. To be specific, their sperm count reduced by 29%. Another study was also cited, this one about women, that showed that of 201 women, the 29 participants who smoked marijuana experienced a delay in ovulation by 1.7 to 3.5 days.

However, study authors also mentioned that driving solid proof against marijuana use in this department is not possible due to the limitations of past studies. It could be other lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption or tobacco smoking which could have also been the actual culprits.

However, in the case of men, it can be said with almost conformity that cannabis use must be avoided if the goal is to conceive. This is because those who already have a problem with conceiving, these people may experience a negative effect due to weed use.

Moreover, since most people initially took marijuana illegally, it is difficult to narrow down the mode of delivery and dose of the drug taken to come to a final consensus. Other than this problem, personal experiences of people who use cannabis could’ve served as good ways to find whether or not cannabis can cause problems in conceiving.

“If someone already has some underlying fertility problem, if you’’e then also reducing the amount of sperm available or changing when the egg is being released that could further impact your ability to get pregnant,” said Dr. Sara Ilnitsky who was part of this report.

While coming to a direct conclusion is extremely difficult in the case of the female gender, a research can be conducted on the effect of cannabis on male fertility easily through semen testing. Looking at the legal status of cannabis and how there are not many studies in this area, the authors of this paper think that funds should be invested into researching the effects of cannabis on fertility on a priority basis.


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