Survey Reveals New Mums’ Cannabis Using Habits


Cannabis’ gradual legalization and speedy popularity have led several people to resort to using it. Some people smoke weed to improve their mental state as in to induce calmness while others do so for the sake of sleeping better, curbing pain, or fighting anxiety. CBD and THC are two components of the plant.

While CBD is safer, THC has negative properties, for instance it can make one high. However, when together, CBD has the ability to buffer the psychoactive properties of THC. Other than that, THC has been shown to be helpful in pain management.

CBD, on the flip side, may also come with anti-cancer properties. People in the United States have been impressed by CBD to such an extent that they have started using it for their pets as well. As per the people who have used it, CBD also comes with perks for pooches.

Now a new study has been conducted which dives into the cannabis use habits of new mothers. Often looked down upon for using cannabis, in this survey it has been found why this particular group of women prefers cannabis.

What Does This New Survey Reveal?

A new survey which has been carried out by the online women’s cannabis lifestyle magazine, Miss Grass, reveals how the plant is used by new mothers. Results of 700 surveyed women were published. The questions asked women about their use of the drug during and after their pregnancy, why these mothers used cannabis, and whether the knowledge that they used it was private or public.

Of the 700 people questioned, 98.2% said that they made use of cannabis. However, there is an obvious limitation here; all the women who participated were readers of the cannabis magazine. The purpose of the survey was to ask women about the stigma they faced that surrounded the use of cannabis by them as mothers.

It was found that the cannabis use of 42% of women was hid from their children, 36% hid it from their friends or family and 51% made sure their professional contacts didn’t know. It was also found that these participants used cannabis for managing symptoms of nausea. About how they consumed pot, 82% took it in flower form, 71% vaped cannabis, and 64% took cannabis edibles.

Above all, it was found that several women thought that Cannabis use made them better mums as it maintained and improved their wellbeing, mental, physical as well as emotional state. The investigators of this study are looking to research further on this to see how the use of cannabis is related to age, class, and race.

Key Takeaway

Cannabis has been shown by mounting researches and reports to have favorable qualities of use. Yet, more research in needed in many areas. A cannabis lifestyle mag for women conducted a new survey this Mother’s Day to find out how new mums use cannabis. It was found that several hide that they use it and many use it for curbing nausea.


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