Why CBD Gummies Are Just Not Worth Your Money


Owing to the several spectacular ways cannabidiol can improve your health the substance has become highly popular. The 2018 Farm Bill only catalyzed its growth and now we’re at a stage where there’s CBD infused in almost everything. There are cannabidiol beverages out there including CBD tea, coffee, sports drinks as well as CBD soda.

In the eatables department as well, cannabidiol has been added to cakes, sweets as well as gummies. Talking about gummies, those are a very popular way to consume CBD to avail its many benefits. But while gummies are chewable and enjoyable, are they good as a delivery mode of cannabidiol? Not really. Here are our top four reasons as to why CBD gummies are just not worth it:

1 – They’re just not as effective

CBD in the form of gummies is not as effective at delivering its medical purposes. Why is that so? The answer behind this is simple – when you eat gummies, the CBD in them has to go through your entire digestive system to reach your bloodstream and interact with the cannabinoid receptors over there. All this processing lowers the potency of the substance and at the end, you do not get as many benefits as you can get when you go for vaping CBD or choose its sublingual intake.

2 – You can never be sure about the ingredients in the product

After the legalization of CBD in most of the states, several giants started entering the CBD market so as to make the most of it. Unfortunately, most CBD products out there are just not as they say they are. Companies make big claims and often the results that you get are nowhere as close to those that have been advertised.

In fact, one research from 2017 found that most CBD products do not even contain the ingredients that have been mentioned on the label. Accordingly, 70% of the CBD products are mislabeled. This means you have to be extra careful when going for CBD products and choose only those that you are sure contain the right ingredients in the right amounts.

3 – They may come with some additional negative side effects

Compared to other delivery modes. CBD gummies may be accompanied by some unexpected adverse side effects. As mentioned above, the ingredients’ list can be incorrect which means the product can contain more THC than not. Furthermore, CBD gummies are supposed to be sweet as well. But if there is any sugar that is sprinkled on the product, clearly the gummies are not as healthy as they should be. This kills the wellness mantra of CBD.

4 – They’re just not as direct

If you want CBD to do its job perfectly well you should directly apply it on the area where you need relief from symptoms. For instance, if you want knee pain relief, it would be a good idea to apply transdermal CBD directly on your knees. Applying CBD drops under your tongue is a great option for anxiety relief. CBD gummies though, they just do not directly help any medical condition.

Therefore, it can be said that CBD gummies are very much a case like gummy vitamins. Both hardly serve the purpose of providing any extra nourishment or health benefits.


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