Why Is Cannabis Socially Acceptable?


A 2017 survey found that 56% of people thought of weed as socially acceptable. Of the rest, 2% were unsure and 42% thought the opposite. The cannabis market has expanded significantly over the past few decades. But what is it that has brought this change? Why do people now support weed when not long ago, they couldn’t talk about cannabis openly?

The Medical Face Of Cannabis

There is an evident change in attitudes toward cannabis. And the no.1 driver of this change is the medicinal importance of weed that researchers are discovering. Several studies show that cannabis can improve health, in not one but various ways. Cannabinoids are also naturally present in the body, and this herb can interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body to influence mood, sleep, pain, etc.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t completely agreed on its legalization yet, there are cannabis-based drugs used for the treatment of two types of epilepsy. When the masses started to realize that a potentially safe plant was being restricted, they started to see it in a different light. Meanwhile Big Pharma wanted to keep marijuana illegal while people who needed cannabis for treatment were denied use.

The reason? Their many developed OTC drugs would lose power, an audience to be fed to. Reports show cannabis can help inhibit cancerous cells. It can provide relief from mental and neurological disorders as well. In fact, even the skincare industry can employ hemp as an agent to fight inflammation and improve skin’s texture.

Cannabis Is Not Addictive

There used to be a widespread belief that marijuana is additive. In truth, it is very rare of cannabis to cause addiction. On the other hand, drugs such as cocaine and meth are additive such that users crave them for repeated use even if they have to sell their kidneys. Furthermore, most drugs comprise of chemicals which makes them even more toxic. This is definitely not weed’s case.

People smoke and consume cannabis like they do coffee. Some don’t feel quite awake until they have had their coffee fix. But this doesn’t mean that they are being harmed by caffeine like through opioids. You don’t tend to crave cannabis in an awful manner. The initial reaction to hemp was negative because of tetrahydrocannabinol’s notoriety.

However, while THC has the negative effect of making users high, cannabidiol doesn’t. Medicinal cannabis products are made using hemp which has lower THC and higher CBD content. It is also important to note that while other drugs are stimulants without health benefits, THC has medicinal value. It has therapeutic properties, it can relieve stress, and curb chronic pain among other benefits.

Media Portrayal Of Cannabis

Views toward cannabis have also changed thanks to the media’s portrayal of its positive side. Now more and more people are understanding that cannabis is not the enemy. They are also getting that the criminal justice system has been harsh considering the imprisonments of men and women who have used hemp. With word spreading, more and more people are welcoming cannabis use.


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