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Xalm Weighted Blanket

Getting enough sleep is probably the most under-rated thing in the health history. But the reality is that good sleep is tied with effective weight loss. In fact, getting optimal hours of sleep can help you lose as many as 15 pounds and also improve your energy levels. But the question is – how do you fall asleep? Considering poor work-life balance and tightly packed schedules, sleeping optimally can be tough. Luckily, this bring us to Xalm Weighted Blanket.

This is a science-backed blanket that can put you to sleep without the need for taking chemicals. It is non-habit forming and safe solution that relaxes you to put you to sleep. Moreover, it comes with a plethora of benefits that come forward due to proper sleep.

xalm weighted blanket

Xalm Weighted Blanket Review

Xalm Blanket is a special, well-studied blanket that help improve your sleep. Once you sleep well, you can shed a lot of weight for numerous scientific reasons. Unlike sleeping pills, this blanket is a budget-friendly, non-addictive solution for getting the sleep that you crave.

It works by relaxing your skin cells so you can shift into sleep mode without having to rely on artificial ingredients and synthetic compounds. Not only does this blanket help you lose your weight significantly but it also delivers tons of other health merits.

These include enhanced energy levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower risk of cancer, reduced brain fog, and improved mood and well-being. All this means you get sick less often. Fixing your sleep also improves your skin as dark circles reduce.

How Does Xalm Blanket Work?

Although it may not make sense that a blanket can help you sleep better, it does make sense when you look at the science and history behind. Back in the 1990s, researchers learned that all your skin cells have specific pressure points.

Once these are pressed just the right amount, you relax. However, if you press them too hard, you feel pain. Xalm Weighted Blanket, however, is based on the concept that when these pressure switches are lighted touched, they encourage the release of feel-good hormones.

Once these hormones enter the picture, your stress hormones reduce, which helps you relax and unwind, and subsequently fall asleep. So the idea is simple – the weighted blanket applies the right of amount of pressure on you, which helps you unwind and sleep.

How Is Xalm Weighted Blanket Unique?

In contrast with sleeping pills, Xalm Weighted Blanket is a good and safe solution that puts you to sleep by external means only. This means there are no chemicals or any ingredients whatsoever entering your body to manipulate it to sleep. If anything, this solution works externally by lightly applying pressure to relax your skin cells. And that’s all.

There is nothing risky or unsafe about this. Moreover, the likelihood of reaping side effects is also low. Ultimately, this makes this solution unique. Other reasons that make this solution unique are:

  • The solution is not addictive
  • Your body does not develop tolerance to it
  • It’s not expensive as compared with pills

Undeniably, these are all issues that you may note in over the counter solutions for sleep, commonly known as sleeping pills. Such pills are often viewed as the only solution to a good night’s sleep. But these tend to be habit-forming. You only take a few pills and the next thing you know, you are addicted to them. This makes sleeping pills a lifetime hassle, which makes a dent in your pocket.

On top of that, your body may develop resistance to pills. This means that the pills may work for some time but after some time, your body becomes so habitual of them that there’s nothing results-oriented that pills can do. By that time, you are already addicted to the pill so it gets challenging to eliminate taking the supplement from your routine.

The Science Behind Weighted Blanket

To recap, Xalm Weighted Blanket focuses on optimal sleep to help shed weight. While this may sound too good to be true, there is a lot of research proving it as true. In fact, a study confirms that by getting seven and a half hours of daily sleep, participants lost between 9-15 pounds of weight.

The explanation behind this is:

1. By sleeping more, you eat less. The production of your hunger hormone drops, which means you eat less.

2. By sleeping more, you burn more fat. This happens when you are in deep sleep. At this point, your brain secretes growth hormone in large amounts. Consequently, it breaks more fat into fuel, which promotes your goal of weight loss.

3. By sleeping more, you experience improved energy levels. This leaves you with more energy to work on exercising and living healthy. Again, this helps get rid of all the extra weight.

Other Features

Xalm Blanket has some great features that makes it worth a try:

  • The blanket has an exceptional record of helping over 52,000 people sleep well, boost their energy levels, and shed their weight too
  • It is backed by extensive research which makes it reliable and trustworthy
  • It’s a very simple and effortless way of shedding all the extra weight
  • The purchase of the product is backed with a 100-night guarantee


Xalm is reasonably priced. Plus, you can get a free bonus with it too. Get a queen-sized 1 x 80″ by 60 for a discounted price of $149.99 today. Originally, this blanket is for $249.99 but up for grabs at a discounted price for a limited time only.

You will also get a freebie – an ultra-soft minky blanket cover. It’s machine washable and ensures your blanket is clean and tidy. You can also transport your sleep-friendly and weight loss-encouraging blanket in this free cover.

Another plus is that there is a money back guarantee in place here. Shipping charges are also zero.


Xalm Weighted Blanket is a viable solution for resting well and getting the much-needed seven and a half hours of sleep daily. It is available at a reduced price today so it’s best to have the most of it while it lasts.


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