Can CBD Cause Liver Damage?


Cannabidiol, the highly praised, non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant, has won the popular vote. The substance, as shown by multiple studies, can help with lowering inflammation as well as relieving pain.

Some find it to be a good and non-addictive alternative for opioids. Others swear it has changed their life by relieving symptoms of neurological and epileptic ailments. But while state governments are getting more welcoming regarding its use, the Food and Drug Administration is not so sure.

Regulators are warning people about the unknown risks that may be attached to CBD use. Furthermore, they are out their catching companies that are marketing unbacked claims about what their CBD products can and cannot do.

One major concern that the FDA has presented is that CBD may cause liver damage. Is this something that you should worry about?

High Doses Of CBD Can Damage Liver Health

A study published recently in the Molecules journal proved that cannabidiol in high doses may damage liver health. The University of Arkansas conducted this research work on mice. They noted when the mice were fed a human equivalent of 200 mg of cannabidiol, there were signs of liver toxicity.

Furthermore, even when they fed the animals a human equivalent of 50 mg, there was some liver swelling and damage. This hints that perhaps overdosing on cannabidiol can have detrimental impacts on the health of a person.

So Should You Worry About Liver Damage?

This research work had limitations. The primary one being that it was carried out on a mice model. Mice and humans don’t have the same physiology. Furthermore, no human evidence shows that long-term use of CBD can harm liver health. The daily limit of cannabidiol that you can take is 20 mg and no cases of harm at this limit have been reported.

You Still Should Be Careful

When it comes to cannabidiol, there are not many risks associated with the substance. Cannabidiol comes with minimal risks when compared to other drugs for health. And like any other drug, it is not illogical or surprising to expect side effects on overuse.

Authorities warn though about ‘low quality’ products that can be misleading. Many CBD products make big promises and don’t even contain the amount of CBD labeled. Some contain a too small quantity of the cannabinoid to be effective while others have other potentially harmful ingredients added as well. This is why you must choose the right products after thorough research.

Sum Up

One study shows that CBD may cause liver damage. However, this study has limitations. Moreover, no other research works make a similar suggestion. Therefore, there is no point fearing the substance. However, you must be careful about which product you choose as many scams are out there which don’t work as advertised or even contain the amount of CBD mentioned.


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