5 Reasons Why Tinctures Are Better Than Other Delivery Methods


Cannabidiol comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It can be delivered to the body by smoking, topical application, taking a tincture or through edibles. Of these, tinctures can be rather convenient to use. In fact, cannabidiol tinctures have been in use since the twentieth century. Before Aspirin, CBD tinctures were used for pain relief.

Compared to other delivery methods, cannabidiol tinctures are better due to a number of reasons. Wondering what these are? Let’s walk you through why CBD tinctures are better:

1 – Controlling dosage is unproblematic

When you smoke pot, you can never be sure about its dosage. You can overdose too which can cause greening out. In the case of CBD tinctures, you don’t face such a dilemma. The tincture is taken sublingually, as in you place drops under your tongue. If you need more, you can gradually move your way up. This isn’t possible with edibles either as you can munch on too many or not enough of them.

2 – They can be used topically

Cannabidiol tinctures can function as topical products as well. Most topical products, such as creams, which are created for the purpose lack quality. This is because they have a higher percentage of fillers and lower of cannabinoids. Research shows that CBD tinctures can be used topically as skincare agents for conditions such as eczema. Some CBD tinctures, based on their composition, are also great for reducing bruising and sunburns.

3 – You can use them discreetly

Several people try to be discreet about their use of cannabis products. In the case of weed joints, this is not possible. However, tinctures, very much like edibles, can be used inconspicuously. This is because CBD tinctures do not give off a unique odor when consumed or when stored. This means your secret is not given away. Consumption is also easily; you’re only to place the dropper on your tongue to take a few drops.

4 – No worrying about calories

Not everyone is comfortable with smoking weed. So, the next option is either going for a tincture or edibles. Edibles come as desserts, cookies, and treats like that. Consuming these can quickly make you pack on additional pounds. This means you have to be very careful about how much you take. Cannabidiol tinctures are low-calorie alternatives. This means you don’t have to keep an eye on your weight and can take as much as needed.

5 – They are properly bioavailable

Tinctures have a high absorption rate. They enter the bloodstream a lot more quickly compared to edibles. Their high absorption rate means that they are more effective. The results of use also quick in faster and last a good while. Typically, effects kick in within 15 minutes and last for about two to three hours. However, this may vary based on the potency of the tincture you are taking. In this regard, always start with a low dosage.



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