CBD Water – Can It Benefit Health?


Cannabidiol is the talk of the town. Manufacturers have induced it in about everything. You can find CBD cakes, teas, candies to pet treats, oils, bath bombs, and more. Unsurprisingly, CBD water also exists. While expected of the trending drug of the year to be infused in water, the concept can seem mind-boggling to a layman.

After all, how can oil and water be mixed together? Scientists have, however, succeeded here as well by making use of nanotechnology. This nanotechnology works to emulsify particles of cannabidiol in another compound that is water-soluble. This has resulted in the formation of water that has evenly dispersed CBD.

The nanotechnology used to serve the purpose was basically developed for making some types of medications more effective. The aim was to make the medicines more absorbable, enabling users to take them only in small amounts.

CBD water is better than edibles that contain the herb-driven ingredient. This is because in water, CBD particles are more bioavailable. In edibles, not so much as most cannabidiol is expelled rather than absorbed by the body.

Benefits You Can Expect from CBD Water

There are several kinds of waters on market shelves these days. These include carbonated water, alkaline water, protein water, etc. Many of these waters are also beneficial for health, even more so than natural water.

CBD water is an addition to the list. It’s a superfood blend that can improve your health, theoretically, in a number of ways. It must be kept in mind though that no research has been yet conducted on this particular drink. Either way, here are some potential merits of use that can be experienced by gulping down the CBD beverage:

1 – Antioxidant power

Some research shows that CBD can be an even more powerful antioxidant compound than vitamin E and C. Antioxidants slow down the aging process by fighting not only free radicals, but also environmental damage. This makes CBD water seem worth a try.

2 – Relief from anxiety

Anxiety can keep you from performing even the most basic of day to day interactions and activities. CBD is said to have strong anti-anxiety properties. It promotes calm and relaxation. It busts stress and studies show that it can help with a wide range of anxiety disorders. Research shows that it can help with ailments as severe as psychosis, depression, and schizophrenia.

3 – Anti-inflammatory nature

CBD is widely popular, even by arthritis patients, for curbing pain. It can help in treatments of both autoimmune and neurological conditions. The compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body positively.

These three properties hint that CBD water can make for a healthful addition to your routine. Researchers need to dive deeper to clarify the nature of CBD and its negative effects. Many people fear CBD oil because of its link to weed. However, it is THC  in the cannabis sativa plant that gives weed it psychoactive properties, not cannabidiol.


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