6 Reasons Why Alcohol and Cannabis Must Not Be Taken Together


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol and weed are among the most common drugs in the US. They top the charts following only nicotine. Unsurprisingly, several people consider doing these two together. Consuming both alcohol and cannabis at once is sometimes referred to as cross fading. This mixing of the two drugs can have negative side effects which is why they shouldn’t be taken together. Here are some reasons why alcohol and cannabis shouldn’t be taken at the same time:

1 – Alcohol increases THC’s absorbability

When you consume cannabis and alcohol together, THC’s effects become more potent. This is because the ethanol in alcohol increases the body’s ability to take in tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of weed. A study also showed that participants who took both alcohol and marijuana together experienced more euphoric episodes.

2 – The combination causes dizziness and nausea

When you take both of the green herb and an alcoholic beverage together, expect the unpleasant side effect of vertigo. Low doses of the combination may bring about a well-aimed for ecstasy, but higher doses mean nasty side effects including nausea. Though consumers have noted these side effects, there’s not much research done here.

3 – Increases sedative effects

Alcohol makes you feel low because of how it interacts with the central nervous system. On the other hand, cannabis can cause anxiety or boost your mood. Studies show that weed also has a sedative effect. THC in weed increases melatonin which triggers sleep. Consuming both alcohol and cannabis at once makes you feel heavy-lidded with a more pronounced sedative impact.

4 – Cannabis increases the risk of alcohol poisoning

Together both the drugs make you feel nauseous. However, their combo may keep you from vomiting when you need to, and should, throw up. Alcohol overdose causes you to vomit to take out the toxins from your system. Cannabis suppresses this mechanism and puts you at a higher risk of alcohol poisoning which is awful news for your liver.

5 – Weed increases alcohol tolerance

Alcohol increases the ability of your body to absorb weed, while cannabis does the opposite for it. A 1992 study found that the herb reduces your body’s ability to absorb alcohol. Therefore, alcohol’s release in your bloodstream becomes slower. This means that you may be able to prevent getting drunk too quickly and easily. It also means that you’ll remain intoxicated for longer.

6 – Doing both together can lead to an overdosage

You are more likely to overdose on both alcohol and pot when you do them together. Now this can be dangerous. Greening out, which happens when you consume too much weed, is not life-threatening. However, an overdosage of alcohol which is far greater than your tolerance for it can be deadly because of alcohol poisoning.

Apart from these adverse effects, there can also be other unknown side effects. These effects can vary from one person to another. Alcohol, when mixed with any substance, can intensify its influence and cause adverse interactions.


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