6 Ways You Can Avoid Mold Formation On Cannabis


The consumption of moldy cannabis is detrimental for health. It can cause infections and can also be life-threatening. This is why, it is crucial to ensure that your cannabis doesn’t have mold or mildew. Alas, the formation of fungus on cannabis is not uncommon.

To help you stay away from moldy cannabis, here are some tips:

1 – Purchase from a source that lab-tests cannabis

With marijuana’s expanding legal status, many states have quality requirements that companies have to meet. In this regard, purchase your weed from a source that tests its produce for quality thoroughly through premium methods.

The testing processes are different with differing manufacturers. Go for brands that test their cannabis particularly for mold and mildew. In this regard, also read the testing labels.

2 – Conduct an in-depth research before purchasing

The federal government has no testing standards in place that apply to all companies. This can make it difficult to find quality produce. Some brands and regions do not have any set superior quality standards.

Therefore, read reviews, ask around, and ensure that you get your cannabis products from a reliable company. Ensure that the products that you end up buying are properly packaged as well.

3 – Make sure you store your cannabis properly

You don’t only have to purchase high-quality cannabis, but also have to pay attention to its storage. It’s your job to protect your cannabis from contamination once it reaches home. In this regard, store your dried flower in an air-tight glass jar.

The humidity inside the jar should be 65%. This is to ensure that the plant stays hydrated but doesn’t get over-moisturized. Keep your cannabis in a cool and dry place that is not damp at all.

4 – Protect outdoor plants from rain

If you are someone who grows his own cannabis, temperature is a factor you’ll need to keep an eye on. Your cannabis should not be exposed to too much moisture or humidity. Therefore, during the rainy season the flowers will need shelter.

Rain and excess humidity can cause the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus. If you’ve kept your cannabis covered, use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture buildup.

5 – Save indoor plants from humidity

Even cannabis plants that are grown inside the house require care. To prevent contamination, keep your pets away. If plants are in a closed space, make certain there is no chance of humidity or moisture buildup.

The humidity shouldn’t be more than 40 to 50%. In case you use a dehumidifier, clean it regularly to prevent fungus growth inside its reservoir.

6 – Keep your apparatus clean

The most common misconception regarding smoking weed is that heat can kill mold and burn germs. In truth, fungus in cannabis can survive the heat. Whatever instruments you use for ingesting cannabis, clean them after use immediately.

Don’t forget to dry after washing as moisture in the tube can cause mold in cannabis. Also make certain that the place where you keep your cannabis and its instruments is also clean and dry.


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