5 Ways Weed Legalization Has Positive Effects On The Society


An October 2018 poll found that 6 in ten Americans favor Marijuana legalization. However, how does the legal status of the herb affect society? The views are mixed here. Some reports show a negative impact in some ways. There are also scientific reviews that explain how cannabis legalization doesn’t have much of any kind of social influence, good or bad.

However, several studies give their thumbs up to the plant. Placing those on the desk, here are five social benefits of cannabis legalization:

1 – It has reduced crime

Marijuana legalization has significantly reduced crime. Numerous studies and data on criminal activities show that weed legalization has taken down arrests related to the cultivation, possession, and distribution of crime.

Prior to legalization, people had to hide that they grew weed. Even more so illegally bought it from black market dealers. This increased crimes that were related directly to weed.

2 – It has not negatively impacted driving safety issues

When states make pot legal, they don’t struggle with increased problems related to road safety. In fact, the Drug Alliance Policy study showed that the number of DUIs had gone down. The same report also found that cannabis legalization didn’t have any adverse impact on the number of crashes.

Moreover, as per the observation of Colorado State Patrol, since weed has been legalized, deaths due to driving have decreased. Meanwhile, regarding this, the CDC says that it is “unclear whether marijuana use actually increases the risk of car crashes.”

3 – It decreases costs associated with law enforcement and cannabis use

With weed being legal, law enforcement doesn’t have to spend much on arrests because of marijuana possession and use. This allows authorities to allocate expenditure elsewhere. However, changing laws do keep officers confused, which is a drawback.

The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization published a report that showed that pot legalization had reduced violent crimes in Washington.

4 – It takes down the number of opioid deaths

Cannabis legalization has also reduced the number of opioid deaths. Keeping in view the current opioid epidemic, this is great news. Not only has the legalization of medical weed shown this positive effect, but the legalization of recreational weed use has shown the same.

A 2014 study found that weed legalization reduced opioid deaths. However, a newer study, which the American Journal of Psychiatry published, says that there’s no link between weed legalization and reduced opioid deaths.

5 – It has decreased teenagers’ use of weed

Another pro is that cannabis legalization has significantly decreased the use of the drug among teens. While some states have experienced this, others have noted how teen use of cannabis has remained stable.

Looking at how cannabis can be harmful for those who are underage, this is pretty good. A study from JAMA Pediatrics shows that the use of cannabis among youth has decreased in states where it is legal.

At the end of the day, it cannot be said with certainty yet, whether or not weed legalization has social benefits. However, a lot of research shows that legalization has proved to be favorable.


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