New Study Dives Into How Cannabis Relieves Pain


Cannabis has pain relief properties. But how exactly does it put an end to pain? A new study dives into these details. Researchers from the University of Guelph say that the herb creates pain-relieving molecules. These molecules are 30x more powerful at reducing inflammation compared to Aspirin.

This study is the first of its kind. It is also an important one looking at how necessary it is to find alternatives that can relieve pain without causing addiction. Opioids come with many downsides therefore, there is a need for better options. The molecules that the cannabis plant forms are non-psychoactive.  They target inflammation directly at the source which is what makes them ideal painkillers.

How Researchers Unearthed the Working Mechanism of Cannabis’ Pain Relief Properties

Scientists used both biochemistry and genomics to determine how cannabis makes cannflavin A and cannflavin B. Research on these two molecules began in the 1980’s only to halt because of regulations on the herb. With the legalization of cannabis, researchers decided to further investigate these molecules.

Detailing on how these molecules are made, Prof. Tariq Akhtar who worked on the study said, “There are many sequenced genomes that are publicly available, including the genome of Cannabis sativa, which can be mined for information.” He further added, “If you know what you’re looking for, one can bring genes to life, so to speak, and piece together how molecules like cannflavins A and B are assembled.

The journal Phytochemistry published a complete overview of the researchers’ findings. These discoveries can help manufacture products that contain these two molecules. Scientists continued that they are working to develop a way to create these molecules in larger quantities. Originally they are present in the cannabis plant at quite low levels.

How the Cannabis Industry Can Benefit?

A Toronto-based company called Anahit International Corp. is working with these researchers to make the most of cannabis’ anti-inflammatory benefits. The goal is to “provide an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.” The company aims to commercialize the two cannflavins for creating medical and athletic products for consumers.

Cannabis and Pain Relief

Weed serves many purposes. Though many commonly associate it to recreational use, it has several medical properties as well. A whole lot of people use it for stress and pain relief. When it comes to pain relief, cannabis  is so strong that it can also relieve one of arthritic pain. Patients of Parkinson’s can also benefit in the pain relief department through weed use. Moreover, the substance also reduces migraine pains.

However, weed is not for everyone. There are several factors that help indicate how cannabis will work for you.


Cannabis legalization has opened doors for researchers to study more about its properties. A new report has analyzed how the herb works to relieve pain. Accordingly, cannabis has two molecules. Made on a larger scale, researchers can use these molecules for the creation of products that can curb inflammation for relieving pain. This can help bring forward alternatives to opioids which are addictive and can be dangerous.


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