How Does Cannabis Affect The Eyes?


Cannabis brings along several medicinal benefits. Some believe that it has a merit for all your organs. This also includes the eyes. Weed works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Noting that the eyes have a high quantity of CB1, which is a cannabinoid receptor, these organs can also take a lot from cannabis.

However, way deeper investigation is required for proof of whether cannabis is good for the eyes of not. To help you understand which benefits your eyes can take from cannabis, here’s a look:

1 – It Relaxes The Eyes

When someone overdoses on cannabis, he may give away this through the redness that seeps into his eyes. Red eyes are not appealing however, they don’t feel as bad as they look. In fact, they are an indicator that the consumer’s visual organs are relaxed.

Basically, cannabis lowers blood pressure. This causes pupil dilation and wider capillaries. As a result, intraocular pressure on the eyes reduces.

2 – Enhances Night Vision

Cannabinoid receptors enable the eyes to respond to light. A 2016 study found that the THC in weed can interact with these receptors. This enables one to see better in low-light conditions. Researchers believe cannabis can improve night vision.

Though some research shows a connection, overall scientific proof in this area is limited. However, there surely is potential that scientists can tap into.

3 – Helps With Glaucoma

The herb is helpful for patients of glaucoma. Glaucoma is considered the top cause of blindness in the world. Cannabis relaxes the eyes and makes them redder. This means it reduces intraocular pressure which causes pain and degeneration.

Patients of glaucoma can relieve the burden on the eyes by using cannabis. Studies show that the plant works to give significant results when it comes to this eye disease.

4 – Prevents Age-Related Blindness

Cannabis can reduce age-related night blindness. It can slow down the process of neurodegenerative blindness. A study conducted on rats found that the herb increased photoreceptors by 40%. This evidence is promising.

However, again more research needs to be carried out here. Some studies show that cannabis contains potent antioxidants that can prevent your eyesight from becoming poorer with age.

Though a lot of research favors cannabis use for eye-related problems, there’s no solid research on how it affects the eyes in the long run. A study that the JAMA Ophthalmology journal published in 2016 showed that regular cannabis use damages vision overtime.

This is a problem as it can hinder work, driving, and more. Moreover, some people may also have an allergic reaction to the herb. This can be because of mold presence, an aversion to smoking or the plant itself.

An allergy because of the herb causes itchiness, redness, inflammation, dryness, and tearing. Hence, though there are many great potential benefits of cannabis, staying careful is crucial. Do not use cannabis for your eyes without consulting an informed professional first.


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