6 Ways Cannabis Affects Women Differently Than Men


Interestingly, women and men’s bodies react differently to weed.

Why? Because of several reasons such as difference in brain receptors, body fat percentage, and hormones. Though weed has been under the microscope of scientists for a long time now, only now have researchers started noticing how the plant affects both the genders differently.

That being said, here are 6 ways cannabis use impacts females differently:

1 – Appetite

First and foremost, weed’s effects on men are such that they are more likely to experience the munchies. This means they are more susceptible to eating more following a session of consuming cannabis. It is less likely of women’s appetite to expand than men on weed use.

2 – Addiction

Unfortunately, though, women don’t take a lot of time in becoming marijuana addicts. Compared to men, they become addicted faster. Blame biology for this. This stands particularly true in the case of adolescent women. However, women also don’t take that long to become addicts of other drugs such as alcohol, and opioids.

3 – Tolerance

Another area where women are faster than men when it comes to weed – they become tolerant to THC faster than men do. This means they need more of the drug to experience its effects. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of the plant. It is responsible for making you feel euphoric or ‘high.’

4 – Withdrawal

Like women become tolerant to THC faster, they also experience worse withdrawal symptoms. Women report withdrawal symptoms such as sleep problems, stomach problems, and anxiety more often than males.

5 – Mood Disorders

While men have a higher risk of developing psychosis than women on weed use, women are more likely than the other gender when it comes to experiencing anxiety. In fact, cannabis use between 18 to 30 years of age is also a sign of a mental health problem in women.

6 – Sexual Health

As expected, the effect on the sexual heath that weed has on both men and women varies. Chronic weed use can increase risk of testicular cancer in men. It can lower levels of testosterone and fertility issues. As for women, it can improve their sexual health. However, both genders shouldn’t use weed if they are trying to get pregnant and women shouldn’t use it when expecting and nursing.

So, those were some differences between how weed affects both men and women. Perhaps soon we will know more about how weed affects men and women different. For now, overall research regarding cannabis use in its infancy.

More and more women are jumping on the bandwagon of using weed. This is because of how it is topping wellness trends. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s comes sans risks. The substance is particularly problematic for women who are pregnant and nursing. This is because it can put the life and brain development of the fetus at risk. It can lead to miscarriage and stillbirth as well.


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