Cannabis and Burnout – Can The Substance Help With Workplace Burnout?


In 2019, the World Health Organization labeled burnout as a syndrome and extended its definition. Burnout refers to excessive fatigue and chronic stress due to pressure from daily routine. There are many branches of burnout from parental burnout to occupational burnout. Let’s talk about the latter today which many people experience.

Workplace burnout happens when a person has excessive workload, disrupted work-life balance, poor work environment and dynamics as well as other causes. It is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, trouble sleeping, trouble starting or keeping up with work, lowered performance, lowered job and achievement satisfaction and the like.

Now while there are many ways you can help yourself if you’re experiencing burnout, an option worth exploring is cannabis. But can the herb help with the condition or would using it for helping with burnout symptoms be useless?

Cannabis for Burnout

There are quite a few ways cannabis can be good for reducing the symptoms of burnout. Let’s take a look at how cannabis can help:

1 – It can lower anxiety and stress

First and foremost, the plant is known for its stress busting benefits. The CBD found in cannabis can work to alleviate anxiety. This is why many people smoke pot a few minutes prior to job interviews. Data collected from the Instant eCare center last year found that young professionals who worked desk jobs used CBD the most for relief from work-related stress. CBD also boosts your mood which is another helpful feature in this regard since burnout causes irritability.

2 – It can help with sleep

Another way cannabis can help with burnout is by improving your sleep. The cannabinoids, CBD and THC, both have a beneficial effect on sleep. Therefore, many consume cannabis for improving their sleep. Other terpenes, and cannabinoids in a full-spectrum formula may also contribute to the herb’s sleep profiting nature.

Depending on the strain you go for, you may also experience elevated energy levels on cannabis use. In this way, cannabis can also help with the fatigue that comes with burnout.

So, Should You Use Cannabis for Burnout?

There is no research so far that explores whether cannabis is particularly a good solution for those experiencing burnout. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional. Only an expert can tell you which product, strain, delivery method and what dose to choose. However, there are many negative effects of cannabis too, some little known, others yet to be found. Concerning the two benefits mentioned above, here are some more deets you should know:

  • Firstly, some people note that they start feeling more anxious rather than calm when they take cannabis.
  • As for the sleep benefits of cannabis, those also are insignificant as per some scientists. In fact, long-term use may cause you to build a tolerance to the herb and you may not be able to get any sleep benefits from it.


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