News Alert – NeuroXPF Claims CBD Can Cure COVID-19


SARS-CoV-2 has the entire world in its grip. There are no vaccines yet and it will take at least 12 months for one to be fully developed. Even then, how will the vaccine reach different parts of the globe at a breakneck speed?

It is yet to be seen how the latest coronavirus attack will come to its end. Meanwhile though, staying cautious and practicing social distancing is the best way you can protect yourself.

It’s understandable that people are worried and believing in the many myths and rumors that are being spread online. One latest claim out there is that CBD can help ‘crush coronavirus.’ Earlier this month a CBD company by a former football player made this false claim.

It said that consuming its CBD products could treat or cure the virus that has triggered worldwide fear. The company, NeuroXPF, was called out by the Food and Drug Administration for making false claims. In a warning letter, the FDA wrote –

“The FDA has determined that your website offers cannabidiol (CBD) products for sale in the United States and that these products are intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19.”

Can CBD Treat Coronavirus?

Earlier when this virus that originated in Wuhan was still new to the world, a social media rumor circulated spreading that marijuana could kill the virus. This claim is a new one, putting the crown on the CBD rather than cannabis.

Cannabidiol has been the center of much attention in the last few years. It is one of the top wellness trends even this year. Therefore, hearing such a rumor was inevitable. Ever since FDA approved a CBD-based drug for the treatment of two rare kinds of epilepsy, many speculations about its not yet discovered or proven benefits have been made.

While it does have antibacterial properties and it may strengthen your immune system, you can rely on other natural foods for these benefits. Why choose a drug that has a lot more research needed to prove its worth?

While after FDA’s warning, NeuroXPF removed the ‘crush coronavirus’ claim from its online marketing it stayed adamant that one day the world will recognize how CBD can help with coronavirus. Considering the company sells CBD products, its claims are nothing if not unreliable.

Why You Shouldn’t Use CBD for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a serious respiratory condition that requires medical attention. You can boost your immunity to fight it by eating and sleeping healthily and following a good lifestyle. Using CBD for the treatment of or preventing coronavirus is absurd. There’s zilch proof CBD can do any good to your health in this regard.

Don’t Fall For Scams

There are many other scams out there as well. At this moment, it is best to follow news from only trustable outlets regarding coronavirus. No vitamin pills or home remedies can cure coronavirus. No science hints CBD can help in COVID-19’s treatment course.


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