Should You Take CBD In Capsule Form?


Cannabidiol is available in different forms with different features. You can choose to purchase CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD, and you can go for CBD gummies, oils, etc.

If you’re new to the whole CBD scene then it’s likely you’ve come across three main types of products – capsules, oils, and tinctures. And while oils seem like a great option, some people tend to be more interested in CBD capsules.

But are CBD capsules worth buying? Let’s look some of the pros and cons of CBD capsules.

Pros of CBD Capsules

There are many reasons behind why CBD capsules can be a better option for you. These include the following:

1 – They are easy to incorporate in your routine

First of all, taking CBD pills is very easy. You don’t have to take care of the dosage. You can just pop a pill or two as you’ve been directed on the label or by your physician and you’d be good to go. Other means of consuming CBD are often not as convenient.

In the case of oils, tinctures, and gummies as well as other types of edibles, you can take more or less CBD as measurement of dosage is difficult.

2 – They are more travel-friendly

Are you planning on traveling? Then your ideal way of taking CBD is in capsule form. The capsules wouldn’t have a distinct odor and they’re not going to leak either. This makes taking them around is quite easy. With another CBD product, you often don’t have the perk of it being this travel friendly.

3 – They can be hidden easily

Worried your kids or other folks at home or work would notice you’re taking CBD? It’s a modern world but some are still afraid for their peers to know they consume CBD.

Plus, since CBD is not good for children and teens, and not accepted by some adults, its best to take them inconspicuously for many. Capsules are easier to hide – you can pretend they are not CBD capsules at all.

4 – They don’t have a bad taste

Many people are put off by the distinct earthy taste of CBD and for them capsules are a great option. Why? Simply because, unlike oils and gummies, capsules wouldn’t have a prominent, if any, taste. So, you get your CBD but without the bad taste.

Con of CBD Capsules

There is only one major con associated to the use of CBD capsules. You see, since these capsules have to go through the food pipe into the digestive system and then they get to work, they are not very bioavailable. Therefore, if bioavailability is a major concern for you, capsules or other edibles may not be the best options.

At the end of the day though, your purpose for taking CBD, preferences, and requirements decide whether or not you should add it in capsule form to your routine.


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