Why You Should Go For Full-Spectrum CBD – Pros And Cons


When finding the right CBD product for yourself, it is not uncommon to get confused by the many adjectives attached to the substance. There are many kinds of cannabidiol tinctures and oils available after all. These include broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

All three of these differ in composition. Full-spectrum CBD comes with many different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant along with flavonoids and terpenes. Broad-spectrum CBD is the same, but it contains only select cannabinoids. As for CBD isolate, this form contains only cannabidiol without the addition of any other natural ingredients that occur in the cannabis herb.

Benefits Of Full-Spectrum CBD

When talking about which CBD product you should go for, experts often recommend full-spectrum oils and tinctures. So, what’s it about these that they gain more points? It’s simple – full-spectrum CBD combines so many different cannabinoids apart from just CBD. This means it also includes CBG, CBC, and CBN which all have their own beneficial properties.

A full-spectrum formula also contains terpenes and flavonoids, which are naturally occurring compounds that are not only found in cannabis but in other plants too. The former have therapeutic properties whereas the latter have a health-profiting nature as well. This means that a full-spectrum CBD product comes with way more benefits for your health than CBD isolate and broad-spectrum cannabidiol. Here are other reasons a full-spectrum product is better:

1 – The entourage effect

The different cannabinoids and compounds in full-spectrum CBD work synergistically for giving better results. Therefore, the effect of cannabidiol gets a boost. Unless your doctor has prescribed you just pure CBD for your condition, a full-spectrum product is definitely a better option.

2 – It is less processed

Compared to CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD is less processed. This is because isolate and broad-spectrum products need more stages of processing to extract certain or all cannabinoids other than CBD.

In the case of full-spectrum, cannabinoids and other compounds are extracted from the dried hemp substance through the CO2 extraction method. Not much filtering is required as there is no need to separate other components.

3 – It is more natural

CBD doesn’t exist alone in nature. The cannabinoid is accompanied by other cannabinoids as well as by terpenes and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD gives you an experience closer to what nature intended in the first place. You also get a more genuine sensory experience of hemp.

Demerits Of Full-Spectrum CBD

There are also some cons of full-spectrum CBD. These are as follows:

1 – Full-spectrum CBD contains THC

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol comes with psychotropic properties. THC is also a part of full-spectrum cannabis. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since most people tolerate the full-spectrum formula well. Moreover, CBD buffers the negative effects of THC.

2 – The taste and smell can be too earthy

Since full-spectrum CBD is closest to the hemp nature offers, it may have an obvious earthy smell and taste. Some people enjoy this flavor while others do not.

3 – It may or may not be legal in your area

Depending on where you live, full-spectrum CBD may or may not be legal. This is because it includes THC. Due to THC being in the formula, it may also show up on drug tests.


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