CBD Can Cross The Blood Brain Barrier, Says Research


America has started to lean on CBD, but is it right to do so? Several researches show that cannabidiol plays a role when it comes to bettering mental and physical health. With regards to physical health, CBD can relieve one of pains and aches by reducing inflammation. Some studies show it can benefit heart health, though more evidence is needed to prove this.

A little research also shows that CBD has anti-cancer properties. In the department of mental health, CBD has been shown to be helpful in improving one’s sleep, booting mood, and relieving stress. Studies also show that it can decrease anxiety and depression.

This is not where its benefits for the brain end. Some research says that it can help with autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. It has been proven to have neuroprotective qualities which is how CBD can also be used against seizures. CBD fights against neuroinflammation, saves from age-related cognitive decline, prevents oxidative stress, and interacts with neurotransmitters.

However, a lot more studies need to be conducted for proving the actual potential of cannabidiol which comes from the same plant which houses THC, the compound which makes people get high from marijuana use.

A new study speaks in the favor of the health benefits that are believed to be served by CBD for one’s brain. As per this research, CBD has the ability to pass through the blood brain barrier.

What Does This Study Reveal?

A study which has been published in the ACS journal Molecular Pharmaceutics has found that cannabidiol has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier prevents anything from entering or leaving through its tightly knit cells that form a boundary around capillaries in the brain. Only some molecules are permitted to pass through the BBB such as glucose, some amino acids, and neurotransmitters.

For this research work, scientists bound CBD to the outer surface of lipid nanocapsules. For tracking the nanocapsules, they were made to contain a fluorescent molecule instead of medication. The experiments were carried out on human brain cells that mimicked the blood brain barrier. It was found that nanocapsules that contained CBD passed more through the cells in comparison to those nanocapsules which didn’t contain CBD.

The same experiment was conducted on healthy mice and it was shown that CBD nanocapsules crossed 2.5x more into the brains of the animals.

Key Takeaway

Cannabidiol has been shown by many researches to be of benefit when it comes to improving brain health. It can protect one’s cognitive abilities and save one from brain-related health issues.

A new study conducted on human brain cells and mice shows that CBD can cross the blood brain barrier, a boundary that cannot be passed by many molecules. This provides further explanation to how cannabidiol is able to serve mental health to a vast extent.


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