CBD Eatables Are Becoming More Popular, Authorities Confused


The cannabidiol industry is predicted to make annual sales of $20 billion by 2022 and these huge numbers are a testament of the interest that people have in CBD products. This cannabis-driven compound has become known mainly because of the many ways it has shown it can benefit health.

The potential of CBD has forced the balance to tip in favor of cannabidiol sellers, among which the most advantage is going to edible CBD products. This is because edible products are way easier to add to one’s routine. It’s not just supplements, tinctures, and gummies comprising of cannabidiol that have become a hit among consumers, but also snacks that contain CBD as an ingredient.

Sports drinks are tapping into the medical benefits of CBD and companies like CannTrust Holdings are bringing forward drinkables infused with CBD. This particular company is providing coffees and teas with CBD added to them in its Brewbudz line. Brain Chill Slushy Machines is taking a different approach by offering flavored CBD-containing drinks.

Food chain Illegal Burgers has also hopped onto this bandwagon and is offering CBD burgers. Green Roads World is another company that has CBD edibles on shelves in the form of gummies and candies and yet another company is Diamond CBD that offers a wide range of CBD products from cake pops to pop corns and even honey.

The hype has also reached the manufacturer of Oreo, and the Biscuit giant is considering to add CBD-included cookies and snacks to its list of products. Another business giant exploring CBD for infusing it into its products – Coca Cola. From all this it is clear that cannabidiol is everywhere.

More and more people and even companies are given their thumbs up to it. But is this the right move? Plenty of research shows that CBD comes with multiple benefits – it can play a role in the treatment of seizures, autism, ADHD, anxiety-related disorders, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, cognitive health, and more. CBD has also been proven to have some anti-cancer properties.

If so much research is here then what is the problem? Because authorities are surely concerned. FDA said back in March that selling food that is infused with CBD is illegal. All this backlash from regulations is because more studies are still needed despite many being out there and having already shown the worth of cannabidiol.

However, reports from April show that FDA is looking further into the cannabis market and the latest news hints that the Food and Drug Administration is being pressurized by the growing CBD industry. So, do the rules allow you to consume CBD products? That depends on who you are asking and which state you live in.

It wouldn’t come off as a surprise if soon, CBD wins favor from all sides and becomes an ingredient on every restaurant’s menu. Chefs are already saying that CBD is the hottest food trend of this year. Currently there is only one CBD supplement approved by the FDA out there.


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