Is Your CBD Oil Making You Feel Sick?


Take a peek at the reviews of people online and you’ll notice a pattern – almost everyone seems to be in love with cannabidiol.

The herbal agent, which comes from the cannabis plant, has a wide range of medicinal properties. Its anti-inflammatory nature is mainly to thank for the ways it can improve your health. But there’s lots more to CBD than just pain relief; the substance can work to improve your cognitive abilities as well as help in the treatment of seizures. From migraines to sleep, people use CBD oil even for mainstream issues.

What makes CBD oil a better option than traditional drugs is that it doesn’t typically cause major adverse side effects. It does have some adverse effects of use – don’t get that wrong, CBD is no magic elixir for your health. However, compared to drugs the substance is way better.

But there is a complaint that many people have when they take CBD oil – they feel sick quite literally to their stomach. Some experience gastrointestinal discomfort with symptoms like nausea, cramps, and diarrhea. Why does this happen though?

Does CBD Not Help Your Digestive Health?

Some doctors readily recommend CBD oil to people who are struggling with digestive issues. Cannabidiol, after all, interacts with CB1 receptors in your digestive system. By doing so, it can reduce acid reflux, GERD symptoms, and actually promote good gastrointestinal health.

Why CBD Oil Disturbs Your Gastrointestinal Health

Basically, its not the cannabidiol in the CBD oil that disturbs your health and upsets your stomach. Rather other ingredients or a fault in the manufacturing process of the CBD oil are responsible for making you feel sick. Here’s a quick look at some reasons why your stomach might be upset due to CBD oil usage:

1 – Harsh chemicals

The addition of harsh chemicals from the soil from which the hemp plant has been extracted can be a cause of digestive discomfort. Some low-quality CBD oils contain more artificial ingredients and less CBD which can also cause digestive discomfort.

2 – Low Quality Extraction Process

The best CBD extraction method is CO2 extraction. Other low-quality ways of extracting CBD oil can involve the use of chemicals or may not filter out chemicals already present.

3 – Carrier Oil

You cannot use CBD on its own which is why it is blended in carrier oils such as grape seed oil, olive oil, MCT coconut oil, and hempseed oil. MCT coconut oil is often used in the making of CBD oil. Many people don’t react well to this oil when it is taken in high doses. Perhaps the stomach issues are because of coconut oil, not CBD itself.

Therefore, if you are experiencing stomach problems by using CBD oil, change the product first and invest in a better quality CBD oil.


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