CBD Pedicure – What’s So Special About This Service?


To say that CBD has become an integral part of the wellness industry is an understatement.

Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid originating from the cannabis plants, marijuana and hemp, works to improve your health in a myriad of ways. The anti-inflammatory action of CBD puts it at the perfect place to be used for several purposes, from calming seizures to preventing acne breakouts.

CBD has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well. This makes it the right candidate to participate in the skincare industry as well. Apart from your facial skin, cannabidiol products for your entire body also exist. From CBD lotions for moisturizing your skin to bath bombs for a better bathing experience, there are many CBD skincare products on shelves.

Did you know that CBD packs some beauty benefits for your feet as well? Makes sense that salons are now offering CBD pedicures for clients. But what exactly can you expect from a CBD pedicure? Let’s learn this below:

1 – Relaxes your muscles

If you think the massage part of the pedicure is enough to relax your tired feet, you’ve not had a taste of a CBD oil infused pedicure massage yet. CBD is a natural relaxant that doesn’t only soothe muscle strain, but it also calms your senses.

2 – Heals cracks and dry skin

CBD also has healing properties. Do you have cracked skin on the heels of your feet? Are the bottoms of your feet dry? Then its time for you to get a pedicure with CBD. Cannabidiol may reduce blisters as well. This is thanks to its moisturizing antibacterial nature. If you have toenail fungus, then as well a CBD pedicure is a great option for you as CBD topical solution can repair the damage.

3 – Relieves pain

It is not uncommon to experience pain in your feet. This can be because of endless hours of walking and fatiguing your feet or because of arthritis. CBD pedicures can be beneficial as the cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

What Products Are Used In A CBD Pedicure?

There are several products used in a CBD infused pedicure. Some products that you may notice include the following:

  • CBD oils
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • And CBD bath bombs

For full benefits, full spectrum CBD is used. A CBD pedicure doesn’t only include CBD products but other essential oils and herbal agents such as Aloe Vera along with vitamins A and E as well.

Wrap Up

A CBD pedicure comes with several perks for your feet. It can improve the condition of your feet’s skin. It relaxes your feet and relieves pain along with healing your skin and repairing damage.

Many salons use full spectrum CBD products and have added CBD infused pedicure to their services. Experiencing one would surely be a delightful experience for you as well. Pedicures are lovely as it is. With CBD in the mix, they are all the better.


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